My Attempt At A Book Blog

Hello to the world of book readers.

I am just your average book-lover.  I read for entertainment.  I read to learn something new.  I read to venture into new worlds.  I read to understand people.  I read for the love of reading and for the love of books.

Because of this, and because of all of my 2012 reading goals (thank you Goodreads), I have decided to start my own book blog.  I have been an avid follower of many book blogs and look forward to reading them daily, so I thought, well, what the heck.  Why not join the community of book lovers by creating my own blog where I can review the books I have read and maybe share a good story or two with others.
That is why I want to become a librarian, after all.  I have a passion for reading, and for sharing a love of reading with others.  So, if this blog can help inspire one person to pick up a book, then it will be worth it.
I hope that this will be successful.  I hope that it will inspire someone.  I hope that people read it.  =)
I will be posting my goals and such and organizing this blog as best as I can, and then it is full-steam ahead for 2012 reading.

Love and Chocolate Pie,


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