Coverday Friday! (1)

Well, it’s funny how things happen.  Today, I read Behind a Million and One‘s post about Coverday Friday, and then I stumble upon a cover that is just completely captivating.  And so, in following with the Friday “Meme” by this talented book-blogger:


Her Rules:  This “meme” will be about your favourite cover that is clouding your thoughts, or have recently seen that left you stunned, shocked, laughed, cried (haven’t seen one of these yet), or is just truly beautiful and you can’t stop looking at it. As the title of the “meme” suggests, it is held on a Friday for the cover that you choose each week.

For each week you’ll have to answer a couple questions about the cover you’ve chosen:
  • What gets your attention first? (titled: Why Hello There)
  • A synopsis/blurb of the book (titled: At the Other End)
and either:
  • Link to review of the book (titled: Behind the ___ Pages)
  •  If you think you’d read the book in the future (titled: The Consideration Game)
(the reason that you can choose the final question depends solely on if you have read the book before)
As for my Cover, it looks something like this: 
Why Hello There:  I was glancing through the Goodreads giveaways (as I often do) and saw this cover and just had to stop and scroll back up to look at it again.  It just really intrigues me!  The silhouetted faces reminds me of that 2 black faces vs. 1 candlestick optical illusion, and with the title of this book as Between, I feel this cover invokes a sense of wonderment and curiosity.

At The Other End:  (This is the second in Mary Ting’s Crossroads series)  As the alkins head back to Crossroads, Claudia leads her normal life; but not for long. Having a special soul, Claudia attracts danger, and she soon finds out who Gamma asked to watch over her. The Twelve, known as Divine Elders on Earth, are very much involved when they find out that Aliah, one of the God’s first angels, escaped from the Abyss when the gates were opened by Aden. Needing Claudia’s soul to escape the only place Aliah can reside–a place between Heaven and Earth–he sends his demons in search of all Claudia Emersons on Earth. Taking her soul will enable him to be released from Between and cross over to Crossroads, which would give him immense power. As more secrets are revealed Claudia learns about the venators—nephilim, demon hunters. Now two opposing forces must work together in order to save Claudia and humanity from the most dangerous angel ever created. But along the way, trust becomes a big issue. Will love be enough to keep Claudia and Michael together? Who will make the ultimate sacrifice? Who will betray them all?  (synopsis from Goodreads)

The Consideration Game:  I have never heard of this series, or Mary Ting for that matter, and to be honest this synopsis doesn’t sound like something I would really get into.  But this cover has forced me to put the first in the series, Crossroads, on my TBR list to try it, and her, out. 

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