Book Review: Immortal Prophecy

Title/Author:  Immortal Prophecy by Samantha Adams and Kay Fry

(Immortal Prophecy Saga Book 1)

Genre:  Paranormal YA Fiction

Published:  December 13th, 2011 by Little Bookworm Publishing

E-Book, pages unknown

How I Got This Book:  Received from author for review via Goodreads/email

Why I Picked It Up?:  I told Samantha I would review her first novel because the plot-line sounded intriguing to me. 

Book Jacket Blurb:  “Five years earlier, Alessandra DeCosta a shy and sensible sixteen year old received a prediction that set in motion events that changed her life forever …

Alessandra, now a private investigator was on stakeout. She had done this many times before. It should have been routine but this time something was different. Something was terribly wrong! The sense of danger was swirling all around her as she watched in horror at the scene unfolding before her unbelieving eyes.

Her client’s wife, a beautiful socialite was in terrible danger with her new conquest. The imposing, handsome figure appeared to be biting her neck! Was that blood she saw coming from the woman’s lifeless body?

Suddenly Ally found herself in the clutches of this evil vampire, Vincent and is helpless to fight back against such a powerful creature.

With only a moment to spare, James Carlisle, the man that has haunted Ally’s dreams and thoughts for the last five years, saves her from certain death. Her memories are extracted and not until she meets James again at a masquerade ball, does she begin to have flashbacks about that terrifying night and her brush with Vincent.

What would unfold in the coming weeks would alter Ally’s life forever.

Does she possess the courage to pursue her destiny and give her heart to the one man she is destined to love for all eternity?”

–Summary from Goodreads .

My Review of the Work:
After my first experience with reading a new writer’s first work, I was a little scared of what this novel might be like.  But my fears were premature, because this little novel is very intriguing.

In general, the plot-line is actually very similar to Harry Potter–Alessandra (Ally) is an immortal–well, half-immortal, as her father was a mortal man)–and hundreds of years ago, a prophecy was made about her.  She was going to kill the inherently evil Vincent (a vampire) or be killed in the process by him (Neither can live while the other survives…sound familiar?).  In order to secure her survival, her guardian–and subsequently, soul mate–James Carlisle, has been following her from afar and protecting her.  But now that Vincent has come close to killing her, the truth about Ally is revealed to her by her Grandmother, Adele, and James, and with their help, they set off to the immortals home in Scotland to keep Ally safe from Vincent.  But when word gets to them that Kat, Ally’s best friend, has been kidnapped, Ally steps up to take on her half-immortal responsibilities to try and save her.

The chemistry between James and Alessandra when they first meet (again) is quite addicting and easy to read.  They are both extremely clever with each other, which makes reading their dialogue very entertaining and amusing.  And the romance between them is sweet and desireable. 

However, somewhere in the middle the storyline slows down and gets heavy with everyday kind of interactions when they arrive in Scotland, which makes it harder to read through, especially after the quick pace in the beginning.  For example, Ally is supposed to be in danger, yet James has time to go on a 3 day excursion to by her a horse?  This is a moment where the Romance side of the Paranormal Romance is just really bogging down the storyline, but as I really do not read much “Paranormal Romance,” maybe this is what is normal…?

There are some grammatical, syntax, and spelling errors, but those could easily be fixed with a newer edition.  But overall, the plot line is good–it keeps your attention–but to me, it is missing the substance that really compels a story forward.  They  all end up being almost nonchalant towards the end about fighting Vincent that it stops convincing me that this story is important, which is a shame, because I quite enjoyed the beginning.  But somewhere in the middle, the excitement and intrigue gets lost in the “romance” part.  But the ending is a definite cliff-hanger.

Memorable Moments:

“She had found that there was nothing more relaxing than losing herself in a good book.”

“She could barely breathe, let alone form a response.  This man was potent and lethal.  She would never look at another man in the same way after tonight.”

“Alessandra…Without faith, there is no hope, and without hope there is no victory.”

My Bookshelf Rating:

A Second Shelf Book.

This book is probably closer to a 2.5. There were some intriguing elements in this novel that compelled me to finish it, which is more than I can say for some other novels I have read.  Plus, I really did enjoy the dialogue between Ally and James.  But I just cannot give it a 3 because the second half was not compelling enough for me.  It is not my favorite YA series opener, but it is a likeable storyline and a likeable novel overall.  But I will probably not read the rest of the series.  But maybe true Paranormal Romance fans will love this novel!  I just know this was a Second Shelf Book to me.

Note:  I do not accept payment for my reviews.  This review is a collection of my honest thoughts and unbiased opinions.

Love and Robin Hood (the foxy one!),


One thought on “Book Review: Immortal Prophecy

  1. THE DRIFTING girl says:

    I loved your review!The plot actually does sound quite good! The book jacket synopsis is riddled with grammatical errors that would have turned me off, though. 😦 Have you read HELPER12? I was so sad because the plot sounded SO GOOD and the book had so much potential, but the grammatical errors and plot holes kept it from an effective delivery. SIGH.Following you back. 🙂

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