A Happy Birthday to A Wrinkle in Time

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the timeless children’s classic, A Wrinkle in Time, I wanted to spend a moment today sharing my love for this story.

I first read this novel in 5th grade.  I was in the advanced reading group and my teacher pulled this book off the shelf and handed it to each student in our circle and told us that this was the next book we were going to read.  The book looked like this:

A flying horse man, with a rainbow.  Sure I’ll read it!!!  thinks my fifth grade self.  Little did I know that I would set out on a reading adventure that now, 12 years later I have not forgotten.  There is nothing greater than a novel that stretches the imagination and transports the reader into a land of mystery, intrigue, and suspense, and even some scary moments.  Though you wouldn’t be able to tell from this cover.  But how about this one (which is the one I own today as part of my boxed set):

Definitely beautiful, but the man with yellow eyes is a scary presence that looms both on the cover and throughout the book, too.  But probably my favorite cover I have ever read out of is when I checked it out of the library a couple of years after I read it the first time.  That beautiful book looked like this:

With this cover, you get to see Mrs.Who, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which, who are magical women that allow the transportation of the story to take place, all the while the shadow of the man with yellow eyes dominates this cover very stealthily, and you almost don’t even notice that he’s there, too.

But as it is the 50th anniversary of this fantastic story, I thought I would advertise the newest version of this novel that hit shelves TODAY!

This copy includes many things never published in another edition, maps, family trees, along with a new forward and afterward.  I will be anxiously saving up some funds to purchase this baby, but if you have some cash stashed away, you can buy it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

And now, for a Memorable Book quote from this fantastic book.  The explanation that is so key to this entire story.

I urge you that if you have never read this wonderful novel, go out and get yourself a copy and read it for yourself.  You will not be disappointed (unless you cannot stand elements of science fiction, which this novel has).  And if you have read it before, read it again, maybe with your children or a friend or a special person, or share the love of this story by encouraging someone you know to read it.  This month is all about sharing the love of this timeless story with others.  That is all.

Love and ants on strings,


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