In honor of the midnight premiere…

Hello readers!  As you are probably well aware, there are exactly 12 hours and 1 minute until the 12:01am premiere of THE HUNGER GAMES (at least in CST)!!  I am just a little bit excited…just a little though. 😉

And so, in preparation for the midnight movie premiere, I have re-read The Hunger Games for the first time since my original read back in the summer. 

And as a tribute to my love for this story, and in mental prep for this evening, I am going to reflect and discuss what I would love to see happen on the big screen (and what I hope they don’t mess up!)
**Warning!  This will contain book spoilers!  Continue at your own risk!**
1.  First of all, after reading the first two chapters, I am super pumped at the amount of detail that was included in what little clips of the movie the preview shows.  The reaping scene, which is a prominent feature of every movie preview, is so mind-bogglingly similar to what actually unfolds in the text!  That makes me very happy, because hopefully the directors and producers have put that detail into the rest of the film!! =)
2.  Haywitch’s character:  I haven’t seen any of the works Woody Harrelson has starred in to know how he is as an actor, I just hope that he sticks to the Haywitch character that Suzanne Collins, because I love him.  =)
3.  The roof scene the night before the games:  I want to feel the emotional intensity that is present in the book, as well as the sexual tension that kind of starts in that moment.  But I want it to be subtle. 😉
4.  Rue’s Mockingjay song:  I really hope they pick 4 beautiful notes, and that they make this a prominent theme in the soundtrack whenever Rue is on screen.
5.  Rue’s death scene/Katniss’ song:  It better be beautiful.   And Katniss better sing it!
6.  The chemistry between Katniss and Peeta:  I just have to say, it better seem realistic and pure (well, as pure as one can get when “playing the games” like Katniss does).  I want it to be real, not forced or overdone.  It just needs to be believeable.
7.  The emotional banging on the glass door Katniss scene:  I want this to be in the movie simply because it is a true emotion she expresses towards Peeta, and I feel like it is vital to show this to set up the rest of this trilogy movie-wise.
8.  The ending:  I don’t know how they are going to end it, if they will keep it the same as the book or change it a little to make it seem more final until Catching Fire can come out.  But I hope it ends nicely (well, as nicely as you can end it with Katniss and Peeta angry with each other).
12 loooong hours. =)
Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor. =)
My Bookshelf Rating:
A Top Shelf Book!   The development of this world and the characters is so superb, and Collins does so while still keeping the plotline moving full force.  There is not a spare second for you to slow down while reading this book.  In fact, this novel does such a good job at forcing this sense of urgency for you to keep reading it and finish it immediately.  I love it!  And I cannot wait for this premiere!
Love and A Large Buttery Movie Popcorn,


One thought on “In honor of the midnight premiere…

  1. Heather M Bryant says:

    I can't believe you haven't seen it yet! Hopefully by the time you read this you will have. It was awesome! Mostly. Some of the stuff you were hoping for probably won't be as amazing as you want though. That's why I didn't reread the book – and STILL ended up disappointed with some parts.Overall though, they did a pretty good job! I hope you end up loving it! I know a lot of people did!

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