Spotlight Review: The Georgia Nicolson Series

Introduction:  The Spotlight Feature
A Spotlight Post is where I will review books that I have already read (as opposed to Book Reviews, where it is my first time reading the book).  In these kinds of posts, I will still review the book(s), but I will do so in different ways and in a more loving/adoring tone (as opposed to a more critical/in awe tone after a first read).  I will re-live my experiences with the book, express my love for them, and tell you why I read them over and over.
With this post in particular, I will be reviewing this entire series as a whole (even though I just read books 9 and 10 for the first time this go around) simply because posting individual reviews of this series would be a little difficult.  You’ll see why… =)
Now, without further ado:
Do you sometimes feel like you just need a book that you can read without any thought or effort whatsoever? 
Is school just too much stress that you need something mindless to break from your workload? 
Do you absolutely love British humour?
Are you a fan of the Girly-ga-ga?
Need a laugh?
Want to jump into a world of utter insanity, chaos, and gabbity gab?
If you asking any (or all) of these questions to yourself, then NEVER FEAR!  I have the answer for you!
Ladies and….well, Ladies (only because I am sure these books would completely and totally scare boys away…bahaha).  Please allow me to present to you Lousie Rennison’s Confession of Georgia Nicolson Series (complete with rainbow covers)!!ο»Ώ

This is a series that I have returned to quite a few times since one of my BFFs introduced this series to me when I was a sophomore in high school.  I was immediately grabbed, simply because of the sheer absurdity that lies within the pages of these books.  I know, you are hearing me use words like insanity, chaos, absurdity, and ridiculous to describe this series, and you are probably thinking “why would she love a series that is so crazy?!” 

Because, my friends, this series is pure nonsensical girlishness, complete with a touch of British humor.  This is a series of books that you need absolutely zero mental capacities to be able to read, understand, and enjoy, which is quite refreshing, especially after the rise of dystopia series, which tend to be a lot more meaty.  The simplistic yet familiar nature of all of these confessions of Georgia Nicolson merely exaggerate (okay, so EXTREMELY EXAGGERATE) the ins and outs of being a boy-crazy teenage girl.

And so, once again I have embarked on this journey through insanity.  Why again?  Well, for one thing, I hadn’t finished the series!  When I read these a couple of years ago, books 9 and 10 were not available at my library, so I couldn’t finish!  And this is a series you just HAVE TO FINISH.  =)  So I figured that Spring 2012 was a great time to go back, re-read 1-8, and finally read 9 and 10, and these books fulfill a lot of tasks for Goodreads group Seasonal Reading Challenge, which is a plus!

I thought about writing up single reviews for each of these books as I went but decided against it.  For one thing, I have read these books multiple times, so my “book review” would turn in to a summary/OMGSH I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH kind of post, and 10 of those is a little too excessive.  Plus, as each of these books are roughly 230 pages each and take all of 2-2.5 hours to read, I just read them too quickly to stop and write a review about each one. 

Instead, I will give you a general series overview and recommend/convince you that you must read these books now!  πŸ˜‰

General Series Overview:  There is this girl named Georgia.  She records her life in diary form, down to the very second of time accuracy.  She has some crazy parents and an even crazier four year old sister.  But the craziest of all is Angus, her Scottish Wildcat.

She has a group of friends, and they go out shopping and to clubs to flirt with boys.  They are pretty much bonkers but still loveable, and each has a very distinct personality.  They attend an all girls private school, but that doesn’t stop them from going boy-crazy!

This is one year of Georgia’s life, and it’s filled with snogging, cats, furry beards, viking dances, snogging, Billy Shakespeare, some newts, snogging, motor bikes, lippy, snogging, clubs, The Stiff Dylans, oh yes, and SNOGGING.  In a 10 volume set.

Now, wasn’t that fun and ohso informative?  Teehee. πŸ˜‰

Recommendation/Convincing You Part:  First of all, before there was the love triangle, Georgia had the love hexagon (and no, I am not exaggerating).  In spite of having a ridiculously huge nose, Georgia seems to have boys lining up for her!  She is the book form of “So many boys, so little time.”  And you will laugh and cry through the ups and downs of Georgia’s journey to find lurrrrrrrrrrrve and happiness with ONE boy.  So, if you want to spice up your reading list with something more than LOVE TRIANGLES, try out the LOVE HEXAGON with Georgia Nicolson!!! =)

Secondly, there is a little part of you that secretly wishes your life could be like Georgia’s, only you might not know you wish it until you read it.  So….read it!! =)

Thirdly, as you quite literally lose brain cells while reading these books because of how absolutely ridiculous they are, you will pick up some great new vocabulary words and even learn some French and German (maybe)!  So they are, in fact, very educational!

Fourth, and lastly, if you feel like your life needs a little excitement and drama, but you don’t actually want to leave the vicinity of your comfy place, then allow these books to fill your quota for the next 10 years on excitement, drama, and sheer absurdity!  =D

Well, that is it.  If I have not convinced you yet, then there is no hope.  But I do hope that you do go and pick up these books.  Because they are completely worth the crazy wall they will probably drive you up.  πŸ˜‰

My Bookshelf Rating: 

Humor + Romance + Wild cats + Crazy Toddlers + Attractive boys + A Gang of Gaggling Girls + British lingo + A Lot of Snogging = The Perfect “Get Your Girl On” combination, guaranteeing a good ole’ time.  These books are, in fact, Fabbity Fab Fab.

Love and Our Lady Sandra,


4 thoughts on “Spotlight Review: The Georgia Nicolson Series

  1. Jessica@Booked Up! says:

    Hi! I happen to adore this series, and agree with everything you said. I also really like your blog, and am now following! Would love if you could stop by my blog too?Jessica from Booked Up!

  2. Laura Ashlee says:

    I saw the movie version of this, and though I imagine it was pretty different, it made me want to read the books. I didn't realize there were so many, but they sound like pretty easy reads and I have a feeling I would love Georgia.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Yes! They are super easy and super fun! And actually the movie version is pretty similar to the personalities potrayed in the book (though the books are even more dramatic!)

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