Follow Friday! (15)

A Weekly Blogger Meet Blogger Meme, hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee, where you answer the question and find new blogs to follow.

Today’s Question is:

What is one book that you would be nervous to see a movie adaption of because you think the movie could never live up to the book?

Well, I’ll be honest.  I’m already extremely nervous about The Perks of Being A Wallflower movie, which is coming out in September.  I love that book so much, but the movie could easily ruin the story, and I’m really worried.

As for non-slated movie adaptation at this point, I would be extremely nervous about seeing The Night Circus become a film unless the director of The Prestige did it simply because there is a lot of magical detail that could easily get overlooked or messed up.  On the flip side, it could also be a pretty ballin’ movie.  So we shall see.

**edit–Apparently The Night Circus is supposed to be coming out in 2013, but currently has no director or cast lol.  So we shall see.

What about you?  What are you most nervous about?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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9 thoughts on “Follow Friday! (15)

  1. Book Slave says:

    Hi there 🙂 just hopping through. Having a book we love become a movie is always scary! They rarely capture the essence that a book has and If what I've heard is anything to go by The Night Circus would be an epic undertaking. Also thanks for the visit.Here is my choice… Feature & Follow

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