I bit the bullet, kids…

…and got a Twitter account for my blog. 


Forgive me, I am a newbie.

But you should follow me @alibrarianslib   and leave me some pointers.  =)


4 thoughts on “I bit the bullet, kids…

  1. The Drifting Bookworm says:

    CHRONO TRIGGER! Oh my goodness, you are awesome! How cool that you played RPGs with your grandma! I remember when I was very young and I couldn't sleep, I was walking around the house and my mom was playing Lufia II and so I fell asleep on her lap, watching her play. I had the SNES in my room (bwahaha) so I would also fall asleep watching my brother play Final Fantasy and Lufia. Seriously – it's like a movie! hahaha. Do you still play?

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