Follow Friday! (16)

A Weekly Blogger Meet Blogger Meme, hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee, where you answer the question and find new blogs to follow.

Today’s Question is:

Q: Fight! Fight! If you could have two fictional characters battle it out (preferably from books), who would they be and who do you think would win?

OOOOOOOOH Interesting thought to ponder.  I honestly have not read that many books that feature super awesome fighters (my ventures into the paranormal genre are very limited).  That said, here are my guy on guy and my girl on girl match ups.

Paranormal Guys:  Jasper Cullen from the Twilight Series vs.  Jace Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments Series.

In Jasper’s Corner:  he is a vampire who has been fighting since the Civil War.  He is super quick and super powerful.

In Jace’s Corner:  he is a shadowhunter who gives himself powerful protections via runes.  He is also a great swordfighter.

Winner:  As much as I love Jace (which is a lot), Jasper would win.  Hands down. 

**BTW, I am totally team Jasper.  =)

“Regular” Guys:  Four from Divergent vs. Gale from the Hunger Games Series

In Four’s Corner:  he ranked number 1 in his Dauntless pledge class, he has mad skills in hand to hand combat and has perfect aim with throwing knives and guns.

In Gale’s Corner:  he is a hunter.  He kills with a bow and arrow.  He is intense and really strong.

Winner:  Four shoots a gun, Gale shoots an arrow.  They both fall down dead.  Even fight to me lol.  Though if they didn’t have their respective weapons, it would be all Four.

Girl Fight:  Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games Series vs. Aria from Under the Never Sky

In Katniss’ Corner:  She has survived the Hunger Games.  She has mad skills with a bow and arrow and is physically strong.

In Aria’s Corner:  She has trained in fighting by the “Savages” to survive in a world full of hungry cannibals.

Winner:  Aria accidentally sets her eye on and thinks she’s in Jamaica, and Katniss shoots her with an arrow.  Lol.

There you have it.  What do your fights look like?  And who wins?  Let me know!

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Happy Friday!

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7 thoughts on “Follow Friday! (16)

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hilarious especially Katniss versus Aria. I would love to see the Four/Gale fight as well. Great explanations!Old follower.Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  2. The Drifting Bookworm says:

    LOL! See, I watched my brother play through Lufia, but I played Lufia II. I think since I played Lufia II, I was unable to cope with how SLOW the characters moved in Lufia… haha! Seriously – they were so slow! :O ! But I do remember doing a joint game and we both played up till almost the end… and then I accidentally ejected the save spot and it was all gone… ToT. He was so mad!

  3. Jenna and Ashley says:

    Love all the scenarios! Shockingly, I have read about almost every character you mentioned:) I'm a little Team Emmett myself (sorry!) but a huge Four fan! I wish I would have thought of him. Great choices. I have yet to read Under the Never Sky.-Jenna @ Fans of Fiction (new follower)My FF

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