Top Ten Tuesday! (11)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme create at The Broke and the Bookish.
Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is:

Top Ten All Time Favorite Characters in Books!!

Holy Crap, talk about a LOADED QUESTION!

This question is extremely difficult for me to think about, because I love so many characters from so many books, and all for different reasons!  I mean, you have the strong female characters who I admire for their strength; you have the attractive, strong men with whom I have fallen in literary love with; you have those characters that make you laugh until you cry; and you have those characters that you always run to when you need a book hug.  So how do I limit these to just 10?!?  I know!  I will give out superlatives!

Best woman in Literature:  Miriam–A Thousand Splendid Suns
I just re-read this novel for the 4th (5th?) time this month, and I haven’t found a woman with more strength, courage, love, and compassion for others than I have in Miriam.  She is a woman who lives a life of beauty in such a dismal world.

Best man in Literature:  Severus Snape–Harry Potter Series
Severus Snape is one of the snarky and sniving characters in literature, and I just love him for it!  And oh how his character is developed throughout the series–just wonderfully coniving, devious, and surprisingly caring!

First Love:  Calvin O’Keefe–A Wrinkle in Time
When I first read this novel in 5th grade, I remember absolutely LOVING this story for its futuristic, sci-fi elements…and for Calvin O’Keefe.  He is one of the sweetest, most intelligent boys in children’s literature, and he is my first love, and thus will always have a special place in my heart!

Best Friends In the History of Literature:  Old Dan and Little Ann–Where the Red Fern Grows
Talk about the most loyal companions ever!  Old Dan and Little Ann are loving, protective, and trustworthy, just the qualities you look for in a best friend.  They would do ANYTHING for you, and at the end of the day they will love you no matter what.  That is a best friend.  =)

Most Attractive Male: Jace–The Mortal Instruments Series
Because who wouldn’t love a sexy man with tattoos?  No but seriously, as I have just been reading through this series for the first time, I noticed a lot of similarities between Jace’s personality and that of my husbands–the witty sarcasm, the loving protection, and the hot bod.  😉

Strongest YA Female:  Karou–Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Karou is a girl who is unlike any other I have read in YA literature.  That is probably why I love her so much.  She is quirky, she is dark and mysterious, and she is not afraid of what life throws at her.  She is strong and courageous, just what you want in a YA female.  Love her!

(Other mentions:  Katniss[Hunger Games], Tris[Divergent], and Kira[Partials])

Class Clowns:  Georgia Nicolson and Dave the Laugh–The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson
Any time I need a laugh, I return to this series because of these two characters.  Their banter back and forth is a riot!  I love their chemistry and their quirkiness and their complete INSANITY!  It just makes me happy and giggle!

Well, that is only 9.  Oh well.  =D

Let me know what your favorite characters are!

Love and Pretty Pretty Princess,


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday! (11)

  1. Michelle says:

    I think Katniss is the strongest female lead 🙂 Of course there are other great ones, but she just really stands out to me! Great post, and you have a new follower as well! Would love it if you could check mine out: My TTT.

  2. barefootmeds says:

    I love your take on this!Miriam is amazing, you're right. If I were half as strong as her I'd be happy. And Snape… he really did become an okay person after all!Gives me the heebie-jeebies though.Feel free to visit my list 🙂

  3. kstar says:

    Yes! I am SO GLAD to see someone else with Georgia on their list. I adored those books when I was in high school. Unfortunately I was past the teen age when the last few came out so I STILL haven't read them. Must remedy that soon…

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