Bout of Books Readathon Update–Halfway Point

Well, I am officially HALFWAY through the Bout of Books Readathon Week.  The first couple of days started out pretty well, but then Wednesday was pretty much a wasted day due to life in general lol.  Today and tomorrow will be mostly wasted too, because I have work and then my brother is coming into town for a visit (Yippee!) but I will probably not read that much while he is here.  But never fear, I am planning on devoting my entire Saturday to reading!  Hooray!  Because I have lots of good books I want to get through!

So here is where I stand goal wise at my halfway point:

Read 867 pages out of my 1200 page goal (I am so glad I found some books to get my out of my reading rut!)

Read for 690 minutes out of my 1000 minutes goal + listened to 174.5 minutes from my audiobook I’m hoping to finish!

Total books finished so far = 2  (well, I guess 1.5, since I only read the last half of Clockwork Angel during this readathon.  But if you add that to the book I started but did not finish because I found it to be NOT GOOD, then you get 2 books lol) out of my 4 books goal.

Time dedicated to books so far this week:  14 hours and 24 minutes and 30 seconds.  Out of the 84 hours so far in this readathon, that comes to about 17% of my week.  Which is not too shabby.  =)

I am currently reading:  Bunheads by Sophie Flack
I am currently listening to:  The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

I will try and stop by some blogs today and root you all on!  Happy reading!

Love and lacey camisoles,


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