DNF Book: Dead Time

Title/Author:  Dead Time by Anne Cassidy
(The Murder Notebooks #1)

Genre:  Young Adult, Mystery

Published:  May 22nd, 2012 by Walker & Company

E-book ARC, 356 pages

How I Got This Book:  Received E-book ARC via Netgalley

Why I Picked It Up?:  I read the description and it sounded interesting enough, so I requested it!

Book Jacket Blurb:  “When Rose was twelve, her mother and stepfather went out for dinner and never came back. Now seventeen, she lives with her grandmother and goes to school in London. She’s always wondered about her stepbrother, Joshua, whom she only lived with briefly and who was also relocated after their parents’ disappearance. When Rose and Joshua meet again, they find they have much in common, including a desire to uncover the mystery surrounding their parents’ disappearance . . . and a mutual attraction to each other. But when Rose witnesses the murders of not one but two of her classmates, she must uncover who is behind these violent crimes. And when she and Joshua discover that a much larger conspiracy is underway, both of their lives will be in danger. From international bestseller Anne Cassidy, this first in a fastpaced and romantic new mystery series will keep readers guessing.”

Why I Did Not Finish This Book:

I will keep this short and to the point.

I received an E-ARC of this via Netgalley. It sounded really interesting, so I picked it up to read. I get about 1/3 of the way through and have ZERO idea what the main plot line is. Oh, this person gets murdered, oh, my parents are missing, oh, he is my kind of step-brother who I haven’t seen in 5 years, oh, this is my grandmother who I never knew. Please tell me where this story goes.

Maybe I would have finished it, if that were the only problem. But the writing is just poor. The dialogue between characters is simplistic and boring and too choppy. And the description is laughable.

“Anna Christie her name was and she was dressed smartly–like someone going to a wedding.”

“The font was somber.”

“She also liked to go on sites about books or art, movies or music, and she often left comments.”

I do not care for the writing style, the choice of diction, or the characters. If these things were okay, or if the storyline was intriguing, I would finish it. I do that all the time. But there is nothing intriguing about confusing plot elements, less than stellar writing, grammar and diction errors, and characters that I don’t really care about.

Sorry, I just couldn’t finish this one.

My Bookshelf Rating:

What bookshelf?  It didn’t even make my shelf.  I left it on the floor.

Love and Strawberry Banana Smoothies,


7 thoughts on “DNF Book: Dead Time

  1. Mary Hooper says:

    Well, we are all different because I thoroughly enjoyed this book, finding it tantalising and intriguing, keeping me guessing. It is written in the kind of direct, sparse prose used by the young adults it was written for. I see there are going to be four parts, so the plot is necessarily layered, and I shall certainly be looking out for the next book in the series.

  2. Leslie Wilson says:

    Your summary of the plot so far sounds very interesting, and personally would keep me wanting to read on. I really respect Anne Cassidy's work. I think I'd want more than a few sentences, pulled out at random, to persuade me that her novel is worse written than your review is.

  3. Melissa says:

    Sorry to hear that you didn't quite like this one, we've all had those books cross our paths.This one sounds a bit strange, if I do say so myself. Not sure it would be my cup of tea either, but to each their own. Here's to hoping that the next book you read is something you like much better!

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