Follow Friday! (20)

A Weekly Blogger Meet Blogger Meme, hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee, where you answer the question and find new blogs to follow.

Today’s Question is:

You are the matchmaker.  hook up two characters from two of your favorite books.  Who would it be, and how do you think it would go?

What a hard question!  Mostly because how many characters in books do not have a romantic interest already?!  And I can’t just very well break up their relationships, can I?

That being said, I would really love to find a nice girl for my pal Jem Carstairs (The Infernal Devices), as Tessa and Will WILL end up together *wills Cassie Clare to write it that way =)*.  Jem is just so sweet and caring that he deserves someone fantastically great!  Someone like….Rosalinda Fitzroy from A Long Long Sleep.  Rose needs that deep, caring soul to stand next to her and be there for her, and I think that Jem would be absolutely perfect for that!  I could see that relationship thriving as long as it could last.

(I apologize to those of you who are Team Jem.  Well, I don’t really teehee).

Is this your first time visiting my blog?  If so, Welcome!  Feel free to leave me a comment and a link to yours and I will visit you!

To Old Followers, thanks for stoppin’ by!  And have a Happy Friday, all!

Love and Cocoa Beans,


4 thoughts on “Follow Friday! (20)

  1. Kelsey @ Slush Sleuth says:

    I'm already in love with you just based on the books that you're picking from. Firstly, I TOTALLY agree about Will and Tessa. I feel bad shunning a dying man but, you know, true love and all that… Therefore, Jem should end up with someone nice! Rose is nice, though holymoly her love life is complicated. Xavier… Bren… Otto… !!! If she can't have Xavier, I was sort of hoping she'd end up with Bren, but Otto is such a sweetheart. Ahh, I don't know! Maybe you're right and she and Jem should just get together.I love how seriously I'm taking this, haha. I know they're just fictional, but they are totally a part of my heart. First time here, and new follower! Happy FF!!

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