Top Ten Tuesday! (17)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme create at The Broke and the Bookish.
Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is:

My Favorite Places to Read!

As this week’s TTT is a Rewind, I decided that, with the beauty of summer (and summer reading) to share with you my favorite places to read the day away!  Some of these locations I can visit any time, and some are more of “vacation spots”.

1.  Oceanfront balcony on a beach–I am not gonna lie, my favorite thing about going to the beach is sitting on a balcony, hearing the ocean, and reading.  It is shaded, it is breezy, it is serene and beautiful.  It is the perfect reading spot for me.  This is why I love beach vacations.  I like to make sure that the condo my family rents has a nice balcony and view of the ocean.

2.  Coffee shop/cafe–Oh, how I love camping out at a coffee shop for an afternoon of reading.  I just love the environment that coffee shops offer.  A) Coffee! B) Comfy inside seating C) good outdoor seating.  I love the ambiance of a coffee shop.  It’s just so lovely.

3.  Bench on the quad–Though I have graduated and am no longer convenient to my alma mater’s campus, I still have to include the shaded bench on the quad as a prime reading spot.  It is just so wonderful to be outside and yet in your own little reading world.  And being in the middle of campus allows you to not be so secluded from the world.  I spent many hours reading on those benches.

4.  Lounger by the pool–For those hot summer days, finding a seat next to the pool to read is a great way to enjoy the summer sun and still get your reading done!

5.  Library–As the avid book lover and future librarian that I am, I love finding a nice corner in a library and reading for hours.  And if I get bored, I can just walk the stacks and find something new!  It’s a win-win!

6.  My bed–Comfy, cozy, and I don’t have to leave my apartment!  My bed is where I do a lot of my reading, from mid-afternoon to late-night.  It is a place that I know will always be available 😉 And I can stay in my pjs heehee.

7.  My little loveseat–In my livingroom there are two couches:  the large sofa and the small love seat.  I rarely read on the sofa.  I do not really have a specific reason why, but I always choose my love seat.  Maybe it’s because I can just fit my curled-up self there so perfectly, but that is where I choose to read if I’m not reading in bed.

8.  Picnic in the Park–Laying down a blanket and reading on the grass in a park or garden or somewhere is another place that I just love to read (though only when the bugs aren’t out =/)

9.  In the car–I am one of those lucky people who do not get motion sickness from reading in the car.  This is very useful as I get a lot of reading done while in the car.  I like being able to use driving/riding time to read (if I am the one driving, I will more than likely be listened to an audiobook =)   )

10.  With my husband–[Most of the time] I really enjoy reading with my husband at any one of the locations listed above.  I love the fact that he and I can spend an afternoon together reading.  It just makes me incredibly happy that I am blessed to have a husband who loves reading, too!

Where do you like to read?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

Love and Sunflowers,


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