My July Announcement

Hello readers and followers,
First of all, I would like to start out with an apology.  I DID schedule reviews for this past crazy week, and then silly me forgot to actually hit the PUBLISH button and so none of them posted haha.  So I will fix that.  I did survive the craziness of this week, and even got some sleep!  😉  However, now is the time for an announcement!

I stated as part of my Sunday Post last week that I had an announcement for you all!  I am really excited to announce a THEME for the month of July.  Ladies and Gents, July will be…:

The month of July I will be posting reviews about a whole slew of adult fiction novels, from contemporary to mystery to psychological dysfunction to sci-fi to you name it!  So get ready to read some reviews from some great (or not so great) adult fiction titles!

Tomorrow will begin with a great post-zombie apocalypse political thriller novel, Feed by Mira Grant.  So stop by tomorrow and check it out!

Until then, Have a happy Sunday!

Love and Bright Yellow Lillies,


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