Sunday Stacks! (27)

Every Sunday, Inspire Your Readers with a Picture of Some Beautiful, Dazzling, and Overall Fantastic Bookshelves.

Today’s Stacks look like this:

Courtesy of Flavorwire

What a gorgeous private library from Toronto, Canada!  It is pretty close to the Beauty and the Beast Library!  Absolutely beautiful, I totally want one!

I hope you find time to rest and read on this beautiful Sunday!

Love and Ruby Tuesdays,


3 thoughts on “Sunday Stacks! (27)

  1. Carol says:

    I was in a friend's home a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't been in her home before, but you and Amy would have loved it. Great layout and pool, but ya'll would have loved her "library". I didn't have a camera, but will call and go back by. They have a spiral staircase that goes into a loft area where previous owners put in bookcases along one wall. Sharon is a decorator, but they are not big readers, so her bookshelves were lined in picture and figurines. I'm sure you and and Amy would be thinking…..what a waste! Oh, and this house is for sale! Love, Carol

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