Book Review: The Walking Dead Books Four and Five

Today I will be doing a double-book review.  Because of the fact that I got both of these books at the same time and read them both back-to-back, I have decided to review both of these books at the same time!  I hope you enjoy!

Title/Author:  The Walking Dead, Books Four and Five by Robert Kirkman

Genre:  Adult Fiction, Graphic Novel, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombies

Published:  October 1st, 2008/January 29th, 2010 by Image Comics

Hardbacks, 304 pages each

How I got these books:  Checked them out from my library system

Why I Picked Them Up?:  I just really enjoyed the third installment so much that I wanted to keep reading.  So I got two at the same time!  =)

My Review of these Works:

I must admit to you, when I started this series a couple of months ago after watching Season 2 of The Walking Dead, I was slightly disappointed with the story development.  As such a fan of the show, I felt that the show did a much better job of creating an intriguing zombie story than the the comics. But after reading these two books, I am convinced that the story Robert Kirkman has laid out, while it started slow, is an exciting account of a zombie apocalypse and it is filled with emotionally intense situations that are very realistic to the situation at hand.

These two books really delve into some serious subject matter.  Not only are they trying to fight off the zombies that are trying to break in to their jailhouse, they are having to fight off an invasion by the group of survivors that tortured them before.  Rick and the others must deal with the evils of humanity on a personal level–being pursued out of their safe haven.  An invasion of their jailhouse leads to many life and death situations, and these situations lead to more of the important characters dying in very tragic and heart-wrenching ways.  As readers, we get emotional as the characters get emotional over their losses.

The fifth book especially addresses the serious topic of dealing with death.  It seems that each character still alive is grieving their losses in different ways.  Suicidal tendencies, withdrawing from the world, becoming more aggressive, becoming more irrational, and a super-imposed calling to protect everyone still alive. Oh, and talking on the phone to dead people.  The emotional and psychological intensity grows exponentially as the survivors are displaced from the safety net and deal with their losses.

I am very pleased with where the series is going, in spite of the fact that characters keep dying! But such is the reality of a zombie apocalypse, I suppose.  Now on to books six and seven!

And P.S.  If you haven’t seen the ComicCon trailer preview for Season 3, go watch it pronto!  It’s fantastic! =)

My Bookshelf Ratings:

Middle Shelf Books!
3.5 stars a piece!  This series just keeps getting better and better.  The emotional situations intensify in these volumes as life and death scenarios play out.  Not only do Rick and the survivors have to deal with Zombie attacks, they now have to avoid being attacked by other groups of survivors!  Such action, such emotion, this series is turning out to be better than I expected (and sadder, too!).  Now onto books six and seven!

Love and War Horse,


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