Top Ten Tuesday! (22)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme create at The Broke and the Bookish.
Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is:

Top Ten Bookish Confessions!

Ooooh confession time!!  Get ready!

1.   I am a book collector:  And I don’t just mean I collect books to read them.  I mean that I collect old books.  I love the look of old libraries and wish to repeat that look in my own home.  I have 4 shelves of a 5 shelf bookshelf full of beautiful old hardbacks (including 2 first editions).

2.  I Read First, Buy Second (most of the time):  As an employee of two public libraries, I use my library card more than my debit card!  I check out a lot of books and read them, and then, if I really love a book, I will go on a search for it.  The only books I typically buy before reading are sequels to a book I love or a book I find waaaaay on discount.

3. Used Book Stores are my friend!:  I love a new book just like the next person, but if I can find a good copy of a book I want at a used book store, I will buy that one over the new one at Barnes and Noble ANYTIME!  I am not afraid of buying someone else’s trash! 😉

4.  Bookmarks, not bent corners:  I refuse to bend corners of any books.  I will use bookmarks, I will use post it notes, but I will not bend a page corner down!  It makes me really upset when a page corner accidentally gets bent.  I cry a little.

5.  I have bought two sets of the Harry Potter Series:  When I was buying the hardback copies of the Harry Potter books as they were coming out, I read all of them over again as each new book came out.  And then my brothers read them.  And my hardback copies started falling apart in at least two or three parts, so I asked for my own personal paperback set that my brothers could not touch.  And they are still in great condition, even after at least 4 reads a piece.  =)

6.  My TBR list is ENORMOUS!:  Not only do I have shelves and shelves of books that I have yet to read, I also continuously have at least 20 books checked out from the library!  It just never ends!

7.  A Space for Books is a Must-have on my housing list!:  When I chose the apartment I am in now, I chose it because of the designated space for my bookshelves!  And in a year when we decide to move again, a must-have on my list is enough wall space to fit enough shelf space for my books.  That is a priority in my life.

8.  I want Belle’s Library:  It is my inspiration and my goal to one day own a library half as beautiful as that!

I could only think of 8.  Sorry guys!  Leave me a link to your bookish confessions, I would love to read them!

Love and House Hunters,


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday! (22)

  1. Mary De Bastos says:

    I have to use a bookmark too! Even if it is a gum wrapper or a piece of toilet paper. I can't bend the corners. I just can't. I also try my hardest not to crease the spine on my books. I want them all to look brand new. Even if I read them over and over.

  2. Bibliophile says:

    Great list.No. 3 – I also prefer second-hand to new, except for a couple of authors whose books I have to have hot off the press. No. 4. I also prefer bookmarks, but I have also trained myself to remember where I left off, so if the bookmark falls out, I can easily find the right page.No. 6. I know this well. My owned TBR currently numbers over 800 books, the e-book TBR is even bigger and the complete TBR list is out of control completely.

  3. Sandy says:

    Great list! I have fantasies about a beautiful library one day. My books are currently taking over my office with stacks and stacks all over the floor and my bookshelves are all full. Need the space for them. I also have two sets of Harry Potter. I have all of them in paperback and audiobook.Check out my TTT.Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

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