A New Season…..of Television!

I know that my blog is about books, but as I am a lover of all types of stories, and as I am only slightly obsessed with television shows, I figured that I should probably share my thoughts on the shows I am watching, new and old.

This fall has brought about a lot of really interesting stories developing on TV right now.  Here are the ones I am keeping up with!

Series Premieres Fall 2012

Revolution:  Mondays @ 9pm Central on NBC

This is the new J.J. Abrams show, and it is freakin’ fantastic!  It is a post-apocalyptic show about what happens to the United States after the power goes out.  So far, a very interesting plot line with some great characters!  This is probably the hottest new series right now, and I am so lovin’ it!  It has a Lost-y feel to it, with a good combination of action and flash-backs.  So good!  A great show for Sci-Fi/Dystopia/Post-Apocalyptic lovers.  All episodes are on NBC.com if you want to catch up!

Last Resort:  Thursdays @ 7pm Central on ABC

Do you like novels about political conspiracies, the military, and/or thriller?  Do you enjoy shows like 24 or Prison Break?  This is the newest controversial television show!  A submarine crew stands against a questionable order and the US military attacks them.  Now they are fighting back against a corrupt government.  Two episodes have aired thus far, but I am really loving the characters!  This is going to turn into a great political conspiracy show, I am just hoping it will last past a single season!

666 Park Avenue:  Sundays @ 9pm Central on ABC

A new paranormal show featuring hauntings and ghosts!  This show is based on a book series by Gabriella Pierce, and it stars Terry Quinn and Rachael Taylor.  Thus far, all we really know is that something dark is happening in the building located at 999 Park Avenue, and our main girl Jane is caught in the middle of it.  It is a very creepy show, but it is extremely intriguing so far!  You can catch up on the first episode online this afternoon to catch episode two TONIGHT!

Oldies but Goodies!

Grey’s Anatomy:  Thursdays @ 8pm Central on ABC

Don’t worry! No spoilers!  I am just really excited that I can continue watching this show!  After all of the rumors with expiring contracts and what not, it seems like most all of the main cast has signed on for the 9th season, so I am okay!  I was afraid that this was going to turn into a Scrubs fiasco, but it looks like my favorite night-time soapy drama will continue as normal!  Hooray!

Fringe:  Fridays @ 8pm Central on Fox

This sci-fi show is in its 5th and final season, and the plot is definitely thickening!  The future is now, and it is very grimm!  Now, our team will ban together to “Fight for the Future” against the invaders.  I have read interviews with the cast about how excited they are for this season, and I am so pumped to see how J.J. wraps this great series up!

Still waiting for:

The Walking Dead:  Season 3 Premieres Sunday, October 14th @ 8pm Central on AMC

ONE WEEK ONE WEEK ONE WEEK!!!  Those of you following my blog for a while know that I have been reading the graphic novel that this show is based on.  I am a little obsessed with zombies, and this show sparked it all!  Season Three promises to be action-packed, zombie-packed, and surprise-packed!  I am SUPER EXCITED!!!

The Vampire Diaries:  Season 4 Premieres Thursday, October 11th @ 7pm Central on the CW

So I must admit, I didn’t start watching this show until after season three ended, and then I had to wait anxiously until all three seasons appeared on Netflix instant.  But holy cow this show is UH-MAZE-ING!!! Not only is there a SUPER HOT cast, but the teenage drama feel is WAY TRUMPED by the AWESOME paranormal story development.  The mythology behind the vampires, werewolves, and witches is well-developed and interesting.  This show is loosely based on the novels by L.J. Smith.  I say loosely because the show is SO MUCH BETTER than the novels.  If you are not watching this show, you totally should!  This is a YA readers dream!  =)

Chicago Fire:  Series Premiere Wednesday @ 9pm Central on NBC

This is a show that looks really promising, but is similar to a lot of shows that have began over the past couple of years and have not made it past season 1.  But with a couple of big stars, maybe this one will last.  Plus, I am really liking the fire-fighting =)  I hope this one will be good!

Well, there is a showcase the shows that I am currently all caught up on that I am watching.  I am watching a few others, and when I catch up on those I will showcase them later!  Heehee!

Are you watching any of these shows?  Did I inspire you to pick up a new show?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Love and Dancing with the Stars,


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