Top Ten Tuesday! (27)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme create at The Broke and the Bookish.
Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is:

Top Ten Favorite Authors in Middle Grade Fiction!

I have been reading a lot of Juvenile/Middle Grade Fiction lately, and I am absolutely falling in love with this category of novels!  They are fun, they are fast-paced, and they are adventurous.  So what better way to celebrate my rekindled love for this area of the library than to showcase my top ten juvenile fiction authors!  So without further ado…

(P.S. Authors names are linked to a list of their books.  I was going to add pictures, but honestly I’m exhausted so you will have to click the links to see some pretty covers.)

1.  Louis Sachar:  I am pretty sure that he was my first favorite author.  Sure, I had many favorite books, but Louis Sachar was the first author I remember scouring the library for more of his books!  They have become some of my most beloved stories!2.  Rick Riordan:  I have just began to read his stuff this year, but I absolutely LOVE it!  He incorporates mythology into his fantasy stories that really brings the ancient stories and characters to life in a new and exciting way.  Plus, Rick creates these fantastic characters that are just so loveable!

3.  Lois Lowry:  She is such a classy writer, especially for middle grade children.  Her novels bring difficult ideas down to a middle grade level, allowing them to take a peak into some very adult ideas.  At the same time, she also can write and own the light-hearted growing up story, like her Anastasia series (which I have actually not read).  She is the bomb!

4.  Avi:  Oh Avi, you have sent me on many an adventure, from sailing across the sea with some corrupt sailors to running free in a field as a mouse.  Avi captures you heart and your emotions with any story he tells, and he writes characters that are memorable.

5.  Judy Blume:  She is a classic author whose books are actually banned a lot of the time from the reach of middle graders.  But parents and teachers, please do not let this keep you from allowing your children the joy of sitting down and reading a life-changing story!

6.  Phyllis Reynolds Naylor:  One word–Alice.  Alice really helped me grow up through the awkward middle school age because she was awkward, too!  But Naylor also wrote classic stories like Shiloh.  No matter what story she is telling, she tells it with an obvious love for her characters.

7.  Beverly Cleary:  An author that has really defined what a Middle Grade standalone novel and series truly is, over and over again.  She writes something that anybody and everybody will love!  Her stories are classic children’s novels and will live forever, so you should familiarize yourself with them!

8.  Lois Gladys Leppard:  She is probably the least known of these eight, but she wrote a fantastic mystery series that I loved as a middle grader! Mandie is a great character that gets to explore the world at the turn of the century, and you can witness her character growing with each and every adventure!

Break-out Middle Grade Authors:9.  Marissa Burt:  Her debut, Storybound, is a completely enchanting story! Her writing style and story-telling abilities really make this novel stand out.  I enjoyed her twist on the world of stories, and I cannot wait for her next book!  You can see my reivew of this novel here.

10.  Christopher Healy:  His debut novel, A Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, is one of those stories that I will be reading to my kids over and over.  He is a witty writer that captures his audience immediately, throwing them right into a fantastical and humorous world.  You can see my review of this novel here.

So those are my top ten middle grade authors. Did you read any of these authors when you were in elementary/middle school?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Side Note:  I realize that there are quite a few staple MG authors that I have not mentioned.  This is because I do not remember reading some of the obvious authors in this category.  I plan on changing this next year, and I’ll tell you about it a little later!  But I am really excited about a new feature I am working on!

Love and Calzones (Holy Schmoly mine was SO GOOD TONIGHT!),


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday! (27)

  1. Karis Jacobstein says:

    Fantastic list! You must check out Lauren Oliver's MG books! They are even better than her YA. I would have added Roald Dahl to this list! I think no MG list is complete with him!Check out my Top Ten Favorite YA Contemporary Authors HERE!Also, I have a FANTASTIC giveaway of a SIGNED copy Lauren Oliver's new book, THE SPINDLERS, going on HERE!

  2. callusedfingers says:

    Oh gosh, I love Louis Sachar! …actually, I love just about every author you've listed. :DIf you like Louis Sachar, you'll like Gordon Korman–if you haven't checked out his stuff yet, you should! He's a hilarious author!

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