Top Ten Tuesday! (29)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme create at The Broke and the Bookish.
Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is:
Top Ten Kick-Ass Heroines!
This is such an interesting Top Ten list, because Heroines can be Kick-Ass for an assortment of reasons.  In fact, Jamie discussed this on Saturday on her blog, right when I was thinking very similar thoughts!   So I am showcasing 10 women with unique qualities that make them stand out to me.  They all kick ass in their own ways!
1.  Karou, Daughter of Smoke and Bone:  Honestly, what is more bad-ass than a blue-haired chick running errands for the demon chimaera?!  Seriously, she is the definition of bad-ass.  She has edge, she has grit, and she has spirit.

2.  Georgia Mason, The Newsflesh Trilogy:  Georgia is a woman the immediately resonated with me.  She is bold and daring (obviously, as she runs from zombies!), and she is definitely hardcore.  Her fight in this zombie apocalypse world is all with the wit of her words.  She is fearless.

3.  Tris, Divergent Trilogy:  She is dauntless, she is fearless, and yet she is also so incredibly vulnerable.  For Tris, her vulnerability is her greatest strength.   She is a real character who follows her heart, no matter what.

4.  Kira, Partials:  To stand up to a dystopian society in support of the species that wiped out humanity takes guts, and thus makes you pretty bad-ass in my opinion 😉

5.  Cammie Morgan, Gallagher Girls Series:  Okay, so spy + conspiracy = a crazy school girl with a fight!  She endures a lot, especially in books 4 and 5, and to come out with a fight still in her puts her on my list.

6.  Hermione, Harry Potter Series:  A tribute to intelligence and hard work!  Without her quick thinking, they would not have been able to stop Voldemort and save the Wizarding World! I’d say that’s pretty bad-ass.

7.  Lisbeth Salander, Millennium Trilogy:  She is a woman who takes no crap.  She literally kicks Swedish men you know where.  She is fierce, she is impowered, and she finds a way to come out on top.

8.  Charlotte, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle:  As the only female on a ship crossing from England to America, she deals with an unpleasant captain.  She defends an innocent man and stands up for what is right.  She becomes a part of the crew and learns how to sail!  B.A., my friends!  And Middle Grade, too!

9.  Miriam, A Thousand Splendid Suns:  She is the most humble woman I have ever read in literature.  Her inner strength is something to be respected.  She has a beautiful soul, and her gentle spirit makes her B.A. in a completely different sense of the word.

Okay, I only did 9.  Sorry!  LoL.  I was trying to think of some that might not be mentioned as much today.  So…

10.  Katniss, The Hunger Games Trilogy:  Need I say anything else?

How do you define Kick-Ass?  Share your thoughts with me!

Love and Cheez-Its,

P.S.  To all of you in the Northeast, stay safe!


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday! (29)

  1. Sandy says:

    We had several similar picks! I haven't seen too many people who picked Lisbeth or Kira. Great list!Check out my TTT…but skip my description of Rose if you're planning to read Vampire Academy soon (I don't want to ruin anything for you).Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

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