Bout of Books 6.0 Progress!

Well, the countdown has reached ZERO!  Bout of Books 6.0 has begun!!!

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon
This is the post I will be updating throughout the week with my reading progress, general updates, and daily challenges!  So, without further ado, READ ON!  (for a reminder of my goals, click here.)

Total Stats:
Books Read: 6
Discs Listened To:  6.5 discs
Pages read:  1972 pages

Monday, January 7th:
12am:  Starting off with Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great!  I have my hot tea and my electric blanket turned on!  I will be reading this until I fall asleep or finish it, whichever comes first (it’s only 138 pages lol)

2:10pm:  Well, I apparently did fall asleep reading last night, because I woke up this morning with my light on and book on my bed.  But I finished it on my lunch break at work today!

Now I am going to start Frostbite!

9:00pm:  Well, I have listened to a full disc of my audiobook today during my commute to and from work.  On the one hand, I feel like I am just flying through Game of Thrones.  But then I realize I have only listened to the equivalent of 25 pages!  Oh well.  It is now halftime of the National Championship, and if we didn’t have people over I would be picking up my book right now. THIS GAME IS SO BORING! (Sorry Laura! lol)  Oh well, I guess I will use this time to comment on some blogs!

 Day One Stats:
Books Finished:  1 (Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great)
Books Started:  Frostbite
Discs Listened: 1 disc (Disc 5 of 28)
Pages Read:  138 + 48 = 186 pages


Tuesday, January 8th:  

A little before midnight:  I went ahead and did my stats for day one 20 minutes early. I am going to probably fall asleep reading in bed now.  Goodnight!  See you on Twitter tomorrow night!

9:45pm:  Well, I came home from work and took a two hour nap.  I have just been so tired today–I may be getting sick again. =(  But I did manage to read some at work today, which is good.  And I have been listening to Game of Thrones while chatting on twitter and completing some challenges today.  So the day is not yet wasted!

12:05am:  Finished Frostbite!  Would have finished before midnight but hubby distracted me with National Championship shirts.  Oh well!

Day Two Stats:
Books Finished:  1 (Frostbite)
Books Started:  none
Discs Listened:  1.5 discs (Disc 6 and half of 7 of 28)
Pages Read:  278 pages


Wednesday, January 9th:

12:06am:  Well, I need to take a moment to let The Vampire Academy series developments sit with me, so I am going to switch gears and pick up another Judy Blume book…SUPERFUDGE!

11:40am:  Due to a change in my plans, I now am going to see The Hobbit in about an hour!  So that means I have an hour to try and finish Superfudge! Whooo!  (I am excited for The Hobbit, too!)

5:00pm:  Just got back from seeing The Hobbit in IMAX 3D. It was AWESOME!  If you have a chance to go see it in IMAX 3D, take it! The filming is brilliant, and you get to see the super extended sneak peak at Star Trek: Into Darkness!  Anywho, I did bring my book with me and finished it before the movie started, so Book Three is complete!  Now I am reading Fudge-a-Mania!

Time for today’s Challenge via Booking In Heels!

Page 48 Challenge:  “‘Yoo hoo, yoo hoo, boys……’ She waved at us. ” (From Fudge-a-mania)

Oh, this will be fun…haha

“Yoo hoo, yoo hoo, boys…” She waved at us.  We stopped, waiting for her to try and catch up, her high heels catching in the cracks on the sidewalk.  She was beautiful, with long red hair and a perfect complexion–the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes upon.  Matt rolled his eyes, and suddenly I wished he wasn’t standing next to me.  She was his sister, after all.

7:00pm:  Finished Fudge-a-Mania!  Today’s plan of getting through a bulk of my Judy Blume goal seems to be working!  Now off to cook some pork fried rice for dinner before the twitter chat in an hour! 

11:30pm:  After the twitter chat, I settled down to read Double Fudge, which I have just finished.  That may be a record for me haha! 3 books in one day! Whoooo!  Now to write up my Judy Blume part one blog post for tomorrow….

Day Three Stats: 
Books Finished:  3 (Superfudge, Fudge-a-Mania, and Double Fudge)
Discs Listened To:  Finished Disc 7 of AGoT
Pages Read:  178 + 146 + 213 = 537 pages


Thursday, January 10th

12:15am:  Now, to pick up Shadow Kissed or Cloud Atlas??  Decisions decisions!

1:30am:  I think I am going to keep my fast-pace up and read Shadow Kiss!  And by think I mean I am, as I have already read 40 pages lol!  And with that, I bid you adieu until the marrow! Goodnight, Bout-of-Bookers!

11:30am:  Well, I have finished disc 8 of AGoT.  Now I will use the last hour and a half before work to get a big chunk of Shadow Kiss read.  What can I say? I am addicted to the Vampire Academy now!!

Daily Challenge! Book Spine Poetry @ Escape Through the Pages!

Since Blogger is refusing to let me upload a picture from my computer, I cannot take a picture of this epicness right now (maybe I’ll try when I get home from work).  But I did look at my spines and came up with a slant rhyming poem! EEP!


Day Four Stats:
Books Started:  1 (Shadow Kiss)
Discs Listened to:  1 disc (8 out of 28)
Pages Read:  250 pages


Friday, January 11th

2:00am:  Well, so much for going to bed early.  I was trying to read until I went to sleep, but instead I have read another 150 pages of Shadow Kiss.  Now I need to go to sleep! I’ll finish tomorrow!

1:45pm:  Finished Shadow Kiss on my lunch hour.  Am very upset.  Why did people make me read this?!…


I have checked out the last three books in this series.  Looks like I will be reading it straight through after all.  BAAAAH!  On to Blood Promise.

6:00pm:  Another disc of AGoT listened to on my commute to and from my far away library job.  I was planning on maybe watching a movie tonight, but A) I am super tired and B) Now I have to keep reading in Blood Promise to not be so upset lol.

9:30pm:  “Love wasn’t a fling in a back room at a party.  It was something you lived and died for.”–page 233.

Day 5 Stats:
Books Finished:  1 (Shadow Kiss)
Books Started:  1 (Blood Promise)
Discs Listened To:  1 (disc 9 of 28)
Pages Read:  193 + 302 = 495 pages


Saturday, January 12th

7:35pm:  I finished Blood Promise.  I am less upset after that book LOL.  It is now time to do some major cleaning/organizing in my house (that I may have been neglecting all week long haha) so I will listen to my audio book while doing it! =)

11:00pm:  Decided to go ahead and start Cloud Atlas now that I am at a resting place in Vampire Academy (I have too many feelings right now to continue! I need a little break!).  I read the first three pages and found 20 unfamiliar words and allusions.  This is going to be a hefty read, but at least it’ll help me study for my MAT lol!

Day 6 Stats:
Books Finished:  1 (Blood Promise)
Books Started:  1 (Cloud Atlas)
Discs Listened To:  1.5 discs (10-11.5 out of 28)
Pages Read:  201 + 5 = 206 pages


Sunday, Januarty 13th

11:30am:  Today I am mostly going to focus on my audiobook, as that is the final goal I have yet to complete for this readathon.  I have finished disc 11 already this morning and will hopefully finish disc 12 before I go to work for the afternoon!


15 thoughts on “Bout of Books 6.0 Progress!

  1. Sarah says:

    When I fall asleep reading I can never remember what happened on the last few pages before I konked out! And thanks again for the giveaway…I emailed my selection 🙂 Good luck with the bout of books!

  2. Ellie says:

    Doin' well! I hate it when I fall asleep with my electric blanket on – I wake up and for JUST A MOMENT I wonder if I'm in a volcano. :(Have a fantabulous day three! Ellie @ Musings of a Bookshop Girl

  3. Kathryn Trask says:

    You are certainly on to doing lots of reading. I have never fallen asleep reading, wish I could.Saw The Hobbit yesterday, only 2D though, not sure if I would cope with 3D. I enjoyed it though and got quite a few laughs which was unexpected.

  4. miki says:

    you are doing great so far^^; i liked your answer to the mini challenge^^ you can read mine too if you want as for the hobbit i prefer to stick with the book and tolkien

  5. Angelica Joy says:

    Your doing great! I love Judy Blume books and I've been thinking of buying the Enid Blyton box set and reading children books again. I've gotta get through my Roald Dahl box set 😀 I love your poem challenge. You did it in a simplified but highly effective way. When I read the challenge I just skipped it because I thought "Hell no! That's way too hard" LOLKeep up the great work! New Follower ;)Here's my update post.

  6. Kathrin says:

    Yay, another Bout of Book-er reading Vampire Academy 😀 I finished the series during BoB and am happy and sad at the same time 🙂 You've accomplished quite something during this Bout of Books.

  7. Reviewing Shelf says:

    6 books is great. I am still to read The Vampire Academy books and I also started A Game of Thrones but am still on something liked page 15, are you liking it? How's the audio going? I see many people are reading it right now. I have to read Cloud Atlas one day. Oh well, story of my life, too many books. *sigh* You work at a library? Mighty jealous! I study/work really far too (3 hours to and fro) and that's when my Kindle comes in handy. I tried audiobooks but people on the metro are a noisy bunch, I can't hear anything so had to give up.Anyway, enough with my rambling. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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