Bout of Books 6.0 Wrap Up Post!

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon
Well, the sad time of the week has come.  Bout of Books is officially over. =(  This Bout of Books has been an absolute blast!  I have read, I have listened, I have conquered!  I have also conversed and chatted and commented!  I feel like this readathon has been an overall MAJOR SUCCESS! =D
Here is a reminder of what my goals were: 
Read at least 5 Judy Blume Books
Get at least halfway through A Game of Thrones on audio!
Finish at least 2 other books! (for a week total of more that 1000 pages!)
Participate in at least 1 Twitter chat!
Participate in 4 challenges!
Visit 10 blogs a day and comment (because I need to do this more!)!
My Final Stats for the Week are:
Books Read:  7
Books Still Reading:  1
Discs Listened To:  8 (576 minutes)
Pages Read:  1992
I only read 4 Judy Blume books, but that is because I just got so completely OBSESSED with the Vampire Academy series.  I read books 2-4 of that series heehee.  And I only made it to the end of disc 12 in Game of Thrones…Just two discs away!  I could have reached that goal, but I decided I’d rather watch the Golden Globes, so I’m not too upset lol!  I participated in a Twitter chat and in many awesome challenges (A BIG thanks to all of the hosts! Ya’ll are so great!).  I slacked a couple of days with visiting blogs, but hey! I was reading.  I did get to a lot of your blogs this week, and I am hoping to stop by many of your wrap up posts too!
All and all, I had a BLAST this week!  Thanks to Amanda and Kelly for all the hard work you do!

See you next time!

Love and Golden Globes,



6 thoughts on “Bout of Books 6.0 Wrap Up Post!

  1. miki says:

    Not bad at all^^ you can be proud and i understand when we get so immersed in a series it's hard to change but you read the number of pages so excellent^^

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