Top Ten Tuesday! (37)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme create at The Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is:
Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters Ever!
Oh dear! How fun is this topic!  I am one of those people who tends to carry grudges (and even vendettas) against those characters that annoy and frustrate me!  So let me just share with you those who really get under my skin!

(Warning:  Slight spoilers ahead!  And I apologize ahead of time.  There is a lot of CAPS typing and some very snarky comments. But this week is it totally called for.)

Jeremiah (Summer series):  This is mostly based on the final book in this series, but Jeremiah always comes off as whiny to me.  And while he is [somewhat] charming in book two, IN BOOK THREE HE IS A HUGE JERK AND THEN TRIES TO GET AWAY WITH IT BUT GUESS WHAT?!?!? IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!
Minnie EVERY CHARACTER! (Ten):  If you didn’t read my mini review of this book, then you may not be familiar with my feelings.  BUT THE CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK SUCK SO BAD!  Mostly, my pain and annoyance stems from Minnie, who is by far one of the worst characters I have ever read.  She is just SO INCREDIBLY WHINY and self-centered and self-absorbed and GAAAAAAAAAHHH!! She is HORRIBLE!  Likewise, the couple of redeeming characters in this book turn out to be just as bad in the end.  SHEESH!
Aspen (The Selection):  He is snooty and a coward who then tries to step in and get America back?  HELLO?!?! You HAD YOUR CHANCE! And you blew her off! Now live with it and LEAVE HER ALONE, CREEPER!!!
Al (Divergent):  it’s just hate. I HATE him.  Why would you turn your back on a friend and be a part of THAT?!  Horrible.  just horrible.
Addison (The One that I Want):  Okay, you are supposedly her best friend.  SO STOP BEING A MEANY-BUTT AND ACTUALLY SUPPORT HER FOR ONCE!
Gale (The Hunger Games):  Honestly, he frustrates me only because he’s part of a love triangle that, in my mind, never exists.  He never had a chance after the reaping.  If the reaping had never happened, then maybe.  But after Katniss survives the games, he’s no longer in the picture.  And yet he tries.  I feel pity for him, really. 

Sansa!!!!!!!!!!! (A Game of Thrones):  OH EM GEE SANSA!!  I know how much you lurrrrve Geoff, but SERIOUSLY???!!! How can you be that dense?!  Pull your head out of the queen’s lap and LOOK AROUND AT HOW TORN APART YOUR FAMILY IS!  And guess what….HE DOESN’T LOVE YOU!

Okay, not quite ten this week.  But I think there is enough frustration on this page. lol.  Are you frustrated with any of these characters, too?  Leave a comment and let me know I am not alone in the world! =)

Love and Hot Awake Tea,


14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday! (37)

  1. Jim Crigler says:

    Re Gale: He was so driven by politics that he primarily saw Katniss as (I think) a partner, not as a love. He wouldn't marry someone who wasn't as committed to revolution as he was; Katniss was committed to survival, which he thought wasn't good enough for him.Re Sansa: Shallow, selfish, in love with love and heraldry. To date, I think of her as a contrasting character for Arya (who is much more interesting, IMO). (NB: I am only about halfway through AGOT, so I may change my mind.)

  2. Sue Bursztynski says:

    In Divergent I disliked Tris intensely. She was selfish and thoughtless. Sansa was a fool in the first novel, but learned quickly. You really need to read beyond GOT. She does eventually grow up. Eventually. Poor Gale, he never has a chance again after the first chapter or two. The minute Katniss leaves for the Games, he is out of the picture as a romantic interest and the author makes that clear. You can't have a romance by long distance… πŸ™‚

  3. Kat Balcombe says:

    I love your 'passion' for these characters πŸ˜‰ I'd forgotten about the characters in Ten, but I literally wanted to shout 'don't DO THAT' for pretty much the whole book. It was like a B-grade horror movie!

  4. Sandy says:

    We do have several of the same characters and choices and reasons! No surprise there! πŸ™‚ HAHA! Thanks for stopping by!Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  5. Stephanie Allen says:

    I thought about putting Sansa on my list, but after the first book she grew on me as she does start to open her eyes…so I didn't. Besides, there are enough other ASoIaF characters to hate πŸ˜‰

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