Children’s Corner #2: Goldilocks Retellings

The Children’s Corner is a new feature here at A Librarian’s Library where I showcase the cute, clever, beautiful, and fun picture books I stumble upon while shelving at the library! For all of you parents, babysitters, and future librarians out there, these books are bound to provide at least 10 minutes of glorious entertainment!

There seems to be a growing trend in picture books coming out this year–retellings. I tend to pick these up while checking them in and giggling. And the ones that I have found myself giggling at the most are the retellings of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! A classic fairytale that has been revamped into new, fresh stories with humorous twists! Here are a couple of my favorites I have stumbled upon (and read over and over again)!


Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems

Papa Dinosaur, Mama Dinosaur, and the other dinosaur are really hungry, so they devise a plan to lure a little girl into their house so that they can eat her! But Goldilocks is no fool!…or is she? Will Goldilocks eat the chocolate pudding? And what is the moral of THIS story?

Guys, I laugh OUT LOUD when I read this book. Every. Single. Time. Check this one out for your kids. Or just check it out for yourself. It is SO worth it! One of my favorite picture books I have read this year, by far!





Goldilocks and Just One Bear by Leigh Hodgkinson

This is the story about a bear that finds his way into the city. He is tired, so he finds a nice apartment to take a break in. But he finds this space to hold something vaguely familiar…

What a cute and inverted re-telling of Goldilocks! The bear finds his way into an apartment and finds things a little too hot or too cold. This is such a creative story with FANTASTIC illustrations!


Have you read any re-tellings of Goldilocks lately? Have you read these? Do you LOVE them? Let me know!


Love and Chocolate Pudding,



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