Book Review: Destiny, Rewritten


Title/Author: Destiny, Rewritten by Kathryn Fitzmaurice

Genre: Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Coming of Age

Published: February 19th, 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books

Hardcover, 356 pages

How I Got This Book: Checked it out from the library

Why I Picked It Up?: I am always on the lookout for a good MG (especially a standalone) and this one sounded AWESOME! It has been on my most anticipated reads of 2013!

Book Jacket Blurb: “Eleven-year-old Emily Elizabeth Davis has been told for her entire life that her destiny is to become a poet, just like her famous namesake, Emily Dickinson. But Emily doesn’t even really like poetry, and she has a secret career ambition that she suspects her English-professor mother will frown on. Then, just after discovering that it contains an important family secret, she loses the special volume of Emily Dickinson’s poetry that was given to her at birth. As Emily and her friends search for the lost book in used bookstores and thrift shops all across town, Emily’s understanding of destiny begins to unravel and then rewrite itself in a marvelous new way.”

My Review of this Work:

There are not many times where I have enough consecutive time to sit down and finish a book in one sitting. I did not plan to finish this in one sitting. But yet, next thing I knew, it was 2 in the morning and I was done!

Destiny, Rewritten is a book that was on my watch list for 2013 and one of my most anticipated MG reads! I love books about books, and I love Emily Dickinson, so I knew I would like this one. I was not expecting to FALL COMPLETELY HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK!

Here are the reasons why. =)

Literary-Centered Story: As we know from the blurb, Emily Dickinson poetry plays a huge part in this novel. But that is not the only literary element. Emily’s mother is a professor of literature. A lot of this story takes place in book stores and libraries. Emily’s cousin, Mortie, carries a military crime thriller, which only encourages his planning of covert operations.  Danielle Steel plays a major role in this book, which adds another level to the humor and quirkiness.  But a love of all things literature runs rampant throughout this story, and it adds so much to this book!

Quirky Banter between Emily and Wavey: From the very beginning, Ms. Fitzmaurice sets up this FANTASTIC relationship between Emily and Wavey. These girls are best friends, and nerdy best friends at that. The way they relate to each other is so humorous and totally reminds me of the way me and my friends are–best friends that just take something and ROLL WITH IT. For example:

“It’s like Mr. Hall is living in that old movie Star Wars, where Princess Leia is waiting to be rescued by Luke and Han Solo, and all she can do is wait because she’s a girl,” I said.
“And then Luke breaks into the jail cell where she is, and she’s all, what took you so long to get here” said Wavey.
“So he has to explain all the extremely dangerous things he did to get to her,” I told her.
“Which he can do because he’s a guy.”–page 8-9

This friendship is a wonderful example of friendship. Two people that understand each other and really get each other, who will do anything for each other, who go on adventures together. Just the kind of friends you want to have when you are 11 years old, or 24 years old, or 87 years old.

Emily’s Character Growth, learning that she can do anything she wants to do: Emily’s mother believes in destiny, and in not tempting fate. This lesson has been passed down to Emily for so long, but when she loses her book of poetry, which has always defined her, she begins to realize that maybe her destiny is not set in stone. Her love for romance novels over poetry begins to send her on a new path of discovery. She begins to figure out that maybe she can be a romance writer–she doesn’t have to be a poet just because her mother felt that would be her destiny. It is truly such a great lesson for this age group as they just begin to figure out who they are and who they want to be.

This book has everything I love about books in it, making it an engaging and quick read that will pull you straight in and not spit you out until it’s over! Recommended for all ages, for every quirky person who loves literature.

My Bookshelf Rating:


A Top Shelf Book!

This book is all sorts of awesome! From a loveable MC to a great storyline to the quirky, nerdy banter between characters, Destiny, Rewritten is nonstop entertainment! This story is about a search for self as well as a lost book, and it’s about finding (or rewriting) your destiny. Emily is such a hoot of a character, you just can’t help but love her and cheer her on! A great one-sitting read for any age!

Love and Poppies,



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