Top Ten Tuesday! (46): What makes me instantly buy!


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme create at The Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is:

Top Ten Words/Topics that Make Me Instantly Buy/Pick Up A Book!

What an interesting topic this week. Really making me think about what I am naturally drawn to with books!

1. Trees on covers:  If I see a pretty tree on a cover, I will AUTOMATICALLY pick up the book and add it to my TBR list. I love pretty trees. To me, pretty tree covers HAVE to be GOOD!

2. Killer Viruses:  Guys, I have this SUPER MAJOR OBSESSION with ALL THINGS VIRUS! There is something so ominous about a rapid killer than can’t be seen! Any book, any movie, auto-read/watch. No question!

3. World War II: I also have a SLIGHTLY morbid obsession with World War II. That time of history just has so many interesting elements, I love reading the stories. I know that there were a lot of horrors in this war, but there are also a lot of REALLY POWERFUL STORIES of strength.

4. Anything Book-related: Book/Library/Reading in the title, represented on the cover, or central to the plot gets automatically put on my TBR. I love stories centered around books! DUH!

5. The Sick and Twisty: Anything psychologically twisted. I love psychological thrillers. They are ALWAYS GREAT STORIES with sick and twisty mysteries.

6. Groups of Friends: I love contemporary stories that focus on groups of friends and how each of their lives changes over the course of the story.

7. Dystopian Societies: I love the futuristic, messed up worlds and heroes/heroines arises from the destruction!

8. Zombies: Need I say more??!

9.  Serial Killers: There is something so intriguing about a serial killer. I just love the psychology behind the cases!

10.  A Quirky Title: Any title that is quirky, catchy, and unique will get me to look at the book AUTOMATICALLY.

What about you? Leave a comment and let me know!

Love and String Cheese,




9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday! (46): What makes me instantly buy!

  1. Rachel R says:

    I have been thinking about joining Top 10 Tuesday, and when I saw this topic, I was disappointed, but your list was great and made me realize that maybe I do have things that I am drawn to other than just author or buzz (bloggish or otherwise). Quirky titles are a big one for me.

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