Confessions From the Library (2): A Personal Change

confessionsWell, today marks a bittersweet day for me. Today is my last day at library job #1.And while I am really excited to be starting school in the fall and having some time to get myself physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy again, it also makes me a little sad.

This library was the place that gave me a job right after I got married, and that was a saving grace for hubby and I. Less than 24 hours after we moved into our apartment, I got called in for an interview and was told I got the job while I was still interviewing! I didn’t even have time to worry about finding a job before they called and offered me one, and that literally put food on the table.

This library has been my home for two years, and the people there have become my work family. I have had the pleasure of working with some pretty fantastic people who have taught me and shown me what it means to be a librarian: to have patience, to be willing, and to always smile, even when the patron annoys the crap out of you. Many of them share my same obsessions, so it is so wonderful to walk into work and have geekfest parties over books and television and movies (though mostly t.v.–these people watch more t.v. than I do! And I watch A LOT!). It will be very strange not to see them every other day.

But, I have to do what is best for me. And what is best for me is to have a summer working only one job. I need to get my personal life back in balance, and working two physically demanding jobs for over a year has definitely paid a toll on me. And then in the fall, I can start my Master’s degree to become a librarian. I only hope that I am half the librarian that these great coworkers are.

So to new paths in life, and to regaining personal balance, Cheers to you. It has been an interesting journey where I have learned a TON about the ins and outs of public library-ship. And in the words of a wise coworker, this is [hopefully] more of a “see you later” than a “goodbye”.

So, for now anyway, See you later, Hoover.

Love and Love,



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