It’s Bout of Books Time! 7.0 Progress

Bout of Books

Welcome! Bout of Books has OFFICIALLY BEGUN! I am so excited for this week and cannot wait to get through some great books and chat with some other awesome readers!

This is where I will be posting my progress and updates throughout the week! Here is the link to my sign-up and goal post!

Total Progress:
Books Finished:  5
Books Reading: 1
Books DNF: 1
Pages Read:  1341 pages
Minutes Listened:  556 minutes


Monday, May 13th:

1906312:00am: It’s GO TIME! I am finishing up The Book Thief first, as I am already in the middle of that. So that is my bedtime reading. Starting on page 282 out of 552.

8:45pm: Well, so far today I have read to page 359 (about 77 pages) and listened to about 55 minutes of Heist Society on Audiobook during my commute. But I am really tired already, so I hope I can read some more tonight but I may fall asleep accidentally haha. Oh well, if I do, I have the NEXT THREE DAYS OFF WHOOOOO! =D

Totals for Monday:6574102
Pages: 77 pages
Minutes: 55 minutes
Books Finished: 0
Books Started: 1 (Heist Society on audio)


Tuesday, May 14th:

11:45am: Well, I accidentally fell asleep at 9pm and slept until 10am. I guess I was really tired and needed some sleep. So I have woken up and read quite a bit of The Book Thief. I plan on finishing that now! So it’s read time for me!

1:30pm: Finished The Book Thief. My heart is quite heavy.


5:36pm:  Well, I have gotten a lot of packing done today! Boxed up like 12 boxes of just Books and DVDs (and books are STILL not done lol). I have listened to 3 out of 5 discs of Heist Society. 167 minutes today! Whooo. Now I am going to watch some t.v. with hubby and comment on people’s blogs!

11:45pm: So I kind of took a 6 hour break from reading/listening. Hubby came home from work, so we caught up on some TV and watched Taken 2. All the while, I visited MANY blogs and wrote up a review for tomorrow! So, while I wasn’t working on my reading goals, I was working on my other Bout of Books goals, so that’s okay! Now, I am going to re-read The Selection! YAY! I have been eagerly waiting for BoBs so I could re-read this book and then read The Elite! So that is what I am going to bed with now! Until tomorrow!Book Review: The Selection

Totals for Tuesday:
Pages: 191 + 37 = 228 pages
Minutes: 167 minutes
Books Finished: 1 (The Book Thief)
Books Started: 1 (The Selection)


Wednesday, May 15th

4:00am: Well, I just read The Selection straight through. I forgot how much, in spite of everything surrounding it, I really like this book! I suppose I should go to sleep now and wait to start The Elite when I wake up ..but maybe just one chapter. 🙂

1624806811:30am: So, I read a little more than just one chapter. I read more like 8 before I finally decided to fall asleep (right as hubby was waking up from work, mind you). And now I am awake and ready to get some work done! I have to finish The Elite today (DUH!), and also go to the grocery store, do some laundry, and keep up my packing momentum! Let’s do this! =)

11:59pm: Hey guys. Sorry I have been kind of MIA. Today has been kind of a rough day for me. I am sad I missed the Twitter chat (again). On the plus side, I did walk around B&N and looked at all the pretty new books I haven’t seen yet, so that lifted my spirits. AND, I finished The Elite! And man, for those of you who have been wondering about this book, I think it is definitely worth a read! There is a lot more character development and OH THE DRAMA, OH THE FEELS. That’s all I’ll say for now. I’ll probably post my review later this week while it’s still fresh on my mind. But I really enjoyed it. Now I think I am just going to go back to bed with Gilmore Girls or Boy Meets World or something fun. Because I need that right now. See ya’ll in the A.M.

Totals for Wednesday:
Pages: 290 + 323 = 613 pages
Minutes: 0 minutes
Books Finished: 2 (The Selection and The Elite
Books Started: 1 (The Elite)


Thursday, May 16th:

Well, as I am updating this on Friday, I kind of took a break from life yesterday. I spent a lot of the day watching TV (Boy Meets World, and the Season finales of Grey’s Anatomy and Vampire Diaires [major cry fest] ) and NOT reading, so I really have no BoB updates for Thursday.


Friday, May 17th:

1:12pm: Well, it’s lunch time at work. Last night I started reading Taken, so I am probably gonna give that book a chance before I switch to the other books I got in today. So I am going to use my break today to get some reading done.

7:35pm: So I have read about 100 pages in Taken. The first 70, I was reading and wondering why SO many readers didn’t like the style of the book–I didn’t find any problems with it. Then I hit page 75. And now I see why lol. I am going to read a bit more, but I don’t know if I will actually end up finishing this one. We will see. I have also listened to Disc #4 of Heist Society while driving to/from work (a lot of rain traffic today!).  I am hoping to finish Heist Society between tonight’s hair straightening and tomorrow’s drive to work. We shall see just how much I get done before midnight!

11:59pm: Finished Heist Society on audio! 148 minutes today! Just in time for Friday stats!

Totals for Friday:
Pages: 114
Minutes 148
Books Finished: 1 (Heist Society)
Books Started: 1 (Taken)


Saturday, May 18th:

1:11a13069935m: Well, I have gotten to page 130 in Taken and have since thrown it down. I am returning it tomorrow. It is WAY too formulated and just….not good. On to another book!

9:31pm: Sorry I haven’t updated today. I worked all day, then I came home, sat down, and finished Ask The Passengers (which I started at work today). I didn’t mean to do that. I just kind of happened. Guys, that book…’s really quite powerful. I’m still formulating my thoughts into coherent sentences, but wow.

I also started a new audio book. Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham (Lorelei!!!). AND SHE NARRATES 16071745HER OWN NOVEL! I listened to the first disc today during my commute time. It is quite good so far!

Now….what to spend my last night/day reading? Decisions, decisions.

11:59pm: I listened to another 54 minutes of audiobook tonight. Still haven’t decided on what book I’m gonna start next!

Totals for Saturday:
Pages: 16 + 293 = 309 pages
Minutes: 72+ 54 = 126 minutes
Books DNF: 1 (Taken–gave up on that. BLAH!)
Books Started: 2 (Ask The Passengers and Someday, Someday, Maybe)
Books Finished: 1 (Ask The Passengers)


Sunday, May 19th:

THE LAST DAY =( I worked all day, and then came home and promptly fell asleep. So I listened to my audiobook for about an hour, but that’s about it.

It’s been fun reading with ya’ll! Until August! =)


37 thoughts on “It’s Bout of Books Time! 7.0 Progress

    • alibrarianslibrary says:

      Yeah, this is definitely one of those books that people disagree on. As a huge fan of The Bachelor, I found this book to be entertaining and fun, and sometimes that’s all that matters. =)

  1. Logan Turner (@loganturner) says:

    Heist Society is one I’ve been looking forward to reading. I recently got into Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series and hope to finish book 3 this week. I had mixed feelings about The Selection, so I can’t wait to see what you think of The Elite!

    • alibrarianslibrary says:

      I LOVE The Gallagher series! And I love the audios for them! That series is so entertaining! =) I still haven’t decided what I think about Heist Society other than it’s easy listening while I pack. =)

      I found The Selection to be much more entertaining the second time around, maybe because all the drama has subsided. I happen to really LOVE The Bachelor, so I think that’s why I find this book so entertaining lol. Yes, it has flaws, and yes, it’s cheesy…but sometimes I like a little cheese. =)

  2. A. Scribbles says:

    The Selection is on my cover love list. I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet though. I listened to the Heist Society on audio too. I don’t think that I would have liked the book as much if I had read a physical copy. Good luck with your reading and your moving. You are quite the multi-tasker 😉

  3. Merin says:

    I don’t know if I could have done The Book Thief as a read-a-thon book. I still remember my reaction to the ending, and I read it several years ago. I think it would have made anything I read after pale in comparison, even if the new book was really good.

    Congrats on getting so much done! If you’re interested, you can see my progress here! 🙂

  4. Melissa @ Mel's Books and Info says:

    You are making great progress on the read-a-thon! Thanks for dropping by–I’m glad to see someone else is listening to books as well as reading them too. Sometimes I feel like I would never finish anything without audiobooks! 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    Oh. My. God. I can’t believe how dumb I am. All this time, Someday, Someday, Maybe sounded like the perfect novel for me right now. And I already had it in my checkout basket at Audible (then decided to go with Lucid for Bob7.0). And only now do I realize why the author’s name sounded so familiar!!! I totally have to have that book -right now! How do you like the narration so far? Would you recommend buying the audiobook or the normal version?

  6. Judith says:

    Wow, you did such a good job during Bout of Books!! I also read The Selection, and while I was really annoyed by some parts of it, it was very enjoyable and I’ll probably pick up The Elite anyway. 🙂

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