Children’s Corner #3: In honor of MY BIG MOVE


The Children’s Corner is a new feature here at A Librarian’s Library where I showcase the cute, clever, beautiful, and fun picture books I stumble upon while shelving at the library!  For all of you parents, babysitters, and future librarians out there, these books are bound to provide at least 10 minutes of glorious entertainment!

So, things have been quiet on this blog and my twitter this week, and I apologize. But I am in the middle of MOVING! This whole weekend has been moving things over slowly to my new place and running errands, involving buying new furniture and ceiling fans and such! And this week won’t be any better for me, either, as I am working full-time every day and then moving all the furniture over the weekend! So I will be pretty quiet on the internet front, but just know I am still here! =)

And so, in honor of my big move, I wanted to feature a children’s book that was about moving!


Tim’s Big Move by Anke Wagner (Illustrated by Eva Eriksson)

“Tim is nervous about moving, but his cuddly friend Pico is even more nervous. What if it’s too hot? What if there are too many stairs? And worst of all…what if Tim makes new friends and doesn’t need Pico anymore? When moving day comes, Pico is pleasantly surprised to find that Tim does make a new friend, but that Tim’s new friend has a cuddly friend, too and that all four can be friends. Most of all, Pico is thrilled when Tim reminds him: “You are my best friend for ever and ever.”

This story encompasses all of the fears about moving to a new place, told through the perspective of a stuffed animal. It is just a cute story that could help remind children going through their first big move that everything will be okay!



I hope to be back more next week. I may post a review later this week. But thanks in advance for understanding. Moving is hectic! But I am already in love with my new place.

P.S. Most all of my books have already made the move. And there were about 15 boxes. Plus at least two more still lying around my current place. I love being a reader 😉


Love and Happy Memorial Day!,


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