Children’s Corner #4: New Books about Libraries!


The Children’s Corner is a new feature here at A Librarian’s Library where I showcase the cute, clever, beautiful, and fun picture books I stumble upon while shelving at the library!  For all of you parents, babysitters, and future librarians out there, these books are bound to provide at least 10 minutes of glorious entertainment!

We recently got a new order of picture books, and I was sorting them to be shelved, I began to notice a couple of similarities. Namely, there were many in that pile where the story centered around BOOKS! So naturally, I pulled them out, checked them out, and brought them home to read for myself. As I am a little obsessed with books about books, I decided to feature three relatively new PICTURE BOOKS that centered around books and libraries! So, this edition of The Children’s Corner is:

New Picture Books that are about BOOKS and LIBRARIES!

15942646Isabella, Star of the Story by Jennifer Fosberry (Illustrated by Mike Litwin).

Isabella and her parents take a trip to the library. But Isabella is not Isabella, is she? No, she becomes many of the characters in the stories she finds in the magical land of the Children’s library.

This is a cute and magical adventure through some of the most beloved children’s stories, with whimsical illustrations. Perfect for any child who loves stories and has a big imagination.



The Book Boat’s In by Cynthia Cotten (Illustrated by Frane Lessac)

The Boat Library is in town! And young Jesse wants to buy a book, but he doesn’t have enough money. So he works and saves his pennies in the hopes that the book will still be there.

Though this is not my favorite story, I do love that this book is historically accurate. I love learning new facts, and book boats really did exist! Also, I love that the illustrations are actually painted! A story that readers can relate to, working hard for something you really want (a book)!


13260568Lottie Paris and the Best Place by Angela Johnson (Illustrated by Scott M. Fischer)

The library is a different place for everyone. For Lottie Paris, it is a space adventure! For Carl, a place where dinosaurs roam!

The library is the best place in the world! For adventures, for imagination, and for FRIENDS!


So, there are three new picture books about loving libraries and books! Check them out, read them (for yourself or to your kids) and remember why you love books and libraries!

Have you read any other books about books and libraries? Let me know in the comments below!

Love and Sunday Afternoons,


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