#BoutofBooks 8.0 Updates and Progress!

Bout of Books

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 19th and runs through Sunday, August 25th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 8.0 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. – From the Bout of Books team

This is the post where I will be updating my progress throughout the week. As a reminder to you and myself, here are my goals.

Bout of Books 8.0 Goals:
1. Finish six books. (4/6 complete, 1404 pages read, 320 minutes listened)
2. Visit 2 blogs per day (On average, done! LOL)
3. Write 2 reviews. (Wrote 1 review. That’s good)
4. Chat on twitter at least 15 minutes a day. (Failed.)

Monday, August 19th:

Heartsick (Gretchen Lowell, #1)10:00pm–Well, project Grad School Orientation was a success! I managed to find my designated parking zones, my way to the library, and the Starbucks! I also met some really cool people and am more at ease about starting my Masters of Library and Information Studies on Thursday.  I am a little overwhelmed by the size of the campus (I went to a small private liberal arts university for my undergrad), but I think I will adjust eventually. As long as I can find my way back to my car (today was a little bit tricky haha).

Reading wise, I have started Heartsick by Chelsea Cain. I am also listening to two different audiobooks (as I have been commuting an hour both ways to school). Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling as well as Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to chat tomorrow. For now, I am going to bed with Heartsick because I haven’t really slept in 4 days. Here’s to a good night’s sleep!

Books Read From: 3 (Heartsick, Chamber of Secrets, Crazy Love)
Pages Read: 73
Minutes Listened: 120 minutes
Books Finished: 0
Blogs Visited: None today, I’ll do double tomorrow!Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2)
Reviews Written: 0

Tuesday, August 20th:

10:15pm–Well, I accidentally slept about 2 hours longer than I was planning (but I slept for almost 10 hours last night, which was much needed!) so I didn’t get as much reading done before I went to work as I wanted. I have read about 100 pages so far today, and plan on reading for the next hour and a half!

I did get to listen to more Chamber of Secrets. Harry and Ron just landed on the Whomping Willow!

11:59pm–Read another 60 pages in Heartsick. Thus ends day #2.

Books Read From: 2 (Heartsick, Chamber of Secrets)
Pages Read: 74-234 = 160 pages
Minutes Listened: 25 minutes
Books Finished: 0
Blogs Visited: Just Another Rabid Reader, The Book Monsters
Reviews Written: 0

Wednesday, August 21st:

12:01am–Well, I have to do a load of laundry, so I guess that means that I have to stay up and keep reading. DARN! 😉 I am determined to finish this book before I go to sleep tonight! Reading on! =)

1:53am–Finished Heartsick. One book down! Took a little longer than I was planning, but I have the rest of the week to catch up! On to book 2 in this series, Sweetheart!  Now, I am either going to bed with this book, or with Castle Season 2. Until tomorrow! =)

3:00pSweetheart (Gretchen Lowell, #2)m–Well, Today has been a pretty successful day. I woke up, made myself a good brunch, and have read quite a bit. I also went to Target to go School Supplies shopping heehee. I don’t know what it is about school supplies, but they make me happy. Except for when I can’t find the right notebook. Then I am not so happy.  =(

So now I am heating up some soup and eating a late lunch before going to work. And brewing coffee. Because I need coffee. And I’ll read some more, because this series is just so addicting! =) I’ll be home around 9:30, so if you are on twitter maybe we will chat! 😉image

10:30pm–Book Spine Poetry!! =)

Picture the Dead

Sharp Objects, Torn Fragments,
A Darkness Strange and Lovely.
If I Should Die Unremembered,
Let Me Go.

11:57pm–Well I almost finished Sweetheart today! 264 pages read! I’m gonna keep reading and finish this book before I go to sleep! It is SO GOOD! =)

Books Read From: 3
Pages Read: 235-326 of Heartsick (91 pages) + 1-264 of Sweetheart (264) = 355 pages
Minutes Listened: 25 minutes
Books Finished: 1 (Heartsick)
Blogs Visited: Cheap Thrills, The Paige Turner,
Reviews Written: 0

Thursday, August 22nd:

12:50aEvil at Heart (Gretchen Lowell, #3)m–Finished Book #2! Sweetheart! Now I am going to take book number 3, Evil At Heart, to bed with me. And also Castle Season 2. Heehee!

2:10am–Well, I have read 56 pages of Evil At Heart already! Now I am gonna fall asleep while watching Castle. Love this show! Goodnight!

10:50am–Well guys, I am off to my first day of grad school! An hour drive, two 2 hour 45 minute classes, and an hour drive back home. LOOOOOONG DAY! But I’m bringing my tablet, so hopefully that will keep me entertained =) See ya’ll later! (Oh, I have read 30 more pages this morning. GO ME!)

Books Read From: 3
Pages Read: 265-328 of Sweetheart (63 pages) + 1-156 of Evil At Heart (156) = 219 pages
Minutes Listened: 130 minutes
Books Finished: 1 (Sweetheart)
Blogs Visited: 0. Sorry guys, first day of school today!
Reviews Written: 0

Friday, August 23rd:

12:22am–So, my first day of school went great! I found a parking spot, found my classroom, and enjoyed my first two classes! Really excited about my professors, and I feel comfortable with the work load. So all is good! I had a 2 hour break in between class 1 and class 2, so I read some. Listened to a lot of Harry Potter (riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip), and then came home and watched Castle. I will finish Evil at Heart today, though. Just needed a little reading break tonight.

10:15pm–Alright, I must confess…I haven’t read much at all today. I slept late, went to work, came home, ordered pizza, and watched Castle with the hubby. Which is fine with me. I enjoyed spending some time with him. So the sacrifice was worth it! =) I’ll catch up tonight and tomorrow. And hopefully I’ll wake up in time to join the chat in the morning!

Books Read From: 2
Pages Read: 157-168 pages
Minutes Listened:  20 minutes
Books Finished:
Blogs Visited: Listful Booking, Paradise of Pages, The Temporary Escape,
Reviews Written: 0

Saturday, August 24th:

2:00am–Okay, so I have gotten very distracted by catching up with the last week of my tv shows tonight. I have been reading my blog feed, so that’s productive. And I have been trying to write a review for Heartsick, but I am just having the hardest time trying to get my words straight. All I keep trying to say is “OH MY GOSH JUST READ THIS BOOK NOW!” But that is not a really great review, so….oh well. I think I will go to bed now. And read until I fall asleep. I have a lot of catching up to do!

Cardboard8:30pm–Well, Hubby and I ran a lot of errands today. We bought me a desk for school, we checked out way too many movies at the library, and then we came home and attempted to watch Castle. And then I took a 2.5 hour nap. Oops. But don’t worry, I just finished Evil at Heart (finally!). Now I have started a graphic novel, Cardboard. I really like this one so far. I will probably finish it here pretty soon. =)

11:50pm–Well, I finished Castle Season Two and Finished Cardboard as well. Cardboard is a great graphic novel, filled with lots of action and emotion! Whoo!

Oh, and I also wrote a book review for Zebra Forest, so you should check it out!

Here’s to hoping the last day of Bout of Books is productive! =)

Books Read From: 2
Pages Read: 169- 308 of Evil at Heart (139 pages) + 1-288 of Cardboard (288  pages) = 427 pages
Minutes Listened:   0 minutes
Books Finished: Evil at Heart, Cardboard,
Blogs Visited:Under a Gray Sky,
Reviews Written: 1 (Zebra Forest)

Sunday, August 25th (Happy Birthday Dad!):

12:01am–Well, I guess I am going to start Archie and Gretchen book 4, The Night Season. Maybe I’ll finish it today. We shall see!

3:15pm–Slept a lot. Not really feeling all that great. I have read 85 pages so far today. Hopefully I can finish the rest of Night Season by midnight! =)

12:30am–Well, this is the end. I watched more tv/movies than read today, but that’s okay. Because I hung out with hubby. =)

Books Read From: 1
Pages Read: 1-154 of The Night Season (154 pages)
Minutes Listened:   0 minutes
Books Finished: 0
Blogs Visited: Whimpulsive, Sharlene Says, Going to need a lot of coffee, of nowhere land, Super Librarian, (My New Blogs List for Little Lovely Books)
Reviews Written: 1 (Zebra Forest)


Well, I suppose that is is for Bout of Books 8.0! It’s been super fun! I didn’t quite hit all of my goals, but that’s okay! I challenged myself during a super busy week and was still productive, so all is good! Hopefully next go around I will be able to chat more! Love!

You can follow me on Twitter @alibrarianslib.

Love and Bedtime Tea,


31 thoughts on “#BoutofBooks 8.0 Updates and Progress!

  1. abookdragon says:

    take a picture of a parking sign near where you parked and see if that helps. Congrats on starting grad school (and finding the Starbucks) and good luck in your studies.

  2. Laura says:

    Hey, hey, hey!!! I went to my new Uni campus on Monday, too 😀 It’s just that I’m going to be a freshman and was SO confused by everything ;D Ended up with a huge headache that made it impossible to read for the rest of the day…anyway, good luck with your goals!

  3. Kristen H. (@bookgoil) says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Looks like you are doing a great job! I love audiobooks – they make everything better: cleaning, driving, mindless data entry… 🙂 I’ll be listening to one this week as well while I do some data entry. Hope you keep up with your goals this week!

  4. Jenn @ Book Beats says:

    Day II — looks good. And somtimes much needed sleep is the best. You feel so recharged afterwards. And — I am hoping to finish my book tonight too, but I still have a ways to go.. We shall see. Happy hump day and good luck with your goals!

  5. Sharon (A Book Barbie) says:

    I’m glad today has been successful for you! I’ve seen a couple people reading Harry Potter books during Bout of Books. It’s making me want to do a re-read. 😀

    Good luck with your goals the rest of the week!

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