Book Review: The Bookstore

16058645Title/Author: The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler

Genre: [New] Adult Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Literary Fiction, Psychological, Standalone

Published: August 20th, 2013  by Gallery Books

Paperback, 336 pages

How I Got This Book: Checked it out from the library

Why I Picked It Up?: Honestly, this was a book I read a snippet about in an Ingram catalog at work and it sounded too good to not read. So I put it on hold immediately.

Book Jacket Blurb: “Brilliant, idealistic Esme Garland moves to Manhattan armed with a prestigious scholarship at Columbia University. When Mitchell van Leuven–a New Yorker with the bluest of blue New York blood–captures her heart with his stunning good looks and a penchant for all things erotic, life seems truly glorious…until a thin blue line signals a wrinkle in Esme’s tidy plan. Before she has a chance to tell Mitchell about her pregnancy, he suddenly declares their sex life is as exciting as a cup of tea, and ends it all.

Determined to master everything from Degas to diapers, Esme starts work at a small West Side bookstore, finding solace in George, the laconic owner addicted to spirulina, and Luke, the taciturn, guitar-playing night manager. The oddball customers are a welcome relief from Columbia’s high-pressure halls, but the store is struggling to survive in this city where nothing seems to last.

When Mitchell recants his criticism, his passion and promises are hard to resist. but if Esme gives him a second chance, will she, like her beloved bookstore, lose more than she can handle?

A sharply observed and evocative tale of learning to face reality without giving up on your dreams, The Bookstore is sheer enchantment from start to finish.”


Sometimes, stories have a way to captivate you. That is what The Bookstore did to me.  I was immediately enchanted by this story, like it lassoed my heart and pulled me right in. The Bookstore is beautiful and full of so much emotion, you just can’t help but fall in love with it.

Esme is a character that I immediately connected with on a very personal and emotional level. My heart just went out to her; I felt her pain; I struggled with her. Because Esme is my best friend. Esme is my sister. Esme is me. In some part, Esme is universal, and universal characters have a likeability and a connectability factor that is impossible to resist. She is strong and courageous; she is determined and unashamed; she loves and she loves. Her story is everyone’s story at some point in life, and Esme is just a character that you love and love unconditionally. I had to keep pausing after every chapter just to reflect and digest ALL THE FEELS and emotions that this story, and Esme as a character, created within me. The blurb has it right–this story is, simply put, enchanting.

I HATED Mitchell. But I know Mitchells. Every one knows a Mitchell, someone who manipulates people, someone who demeans people. And Esme’s relationship with him, while super frustrating, is so incredibly realistic. Life is not always beautiful; life is sometimes frustrating. And The Bookstore captures that perfectly.

And the bookstore–it’s a place that everyone searches for, a place where you can go to escape from the pressure of reality, a break in life where you can process and reflect and think. A place to catch your breath and find solace. A place where you recharge and get your drive. The Owl is a magical place for Esme, and it became a magical place for me, too. The characters you find at The Owl are beautiful in their own respects, and it is just a joy to keep reading.

I really cannot say enough about how much I just adored this book. It is truly something special, something that I experienced and felt and communed with. Esme’s voice is real and pure and true. I have a lot of love for this story. The Bookstore is just a beautiful place.

My Bookshelf Rating:

5shelfA Top Shelf Book!

I love emotional reads–and The Bookstore is one of those stories that immediately sucks you in! I felt an immediate connection to Esme, and that connection was deep and full of understanding and empathy. I experienced this story with her. And I fell in love with the bookstore–The Owl–and all of its unique quirkiness and cozy comfort. This story is enchanting and has ALL THE FEELS, and it is one that you don’t want to let go of anytime soon. Definitely for fans of realistic fiction.

Love and Fall Weather,


5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Bookstore

  1. Belle Read says:

    I love the idea of books with a bookish theme, but often end up disappointed. This sounds like it will not disappoint. Thanks for the great review. I will have to bump it up the TBR.

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