2013 Best on Screen

This year, not only have I been doing a lot of reading, but also a lot of WATCHING! Yes, that is right! I have watched almost 70 movies and a HECK of a lot of television this year. I find watching t.v. and movies just as story-addiction filling as books are–there is just so much development in a good tv show! And movies have such an art to them! And so, because I don’t talk about these aspects of my life enough on this blog, I have decided to spend a little time talking about them today! Next year, I plan on adding a feature where I talk about my visual life. But for now, here is a list of my “Best of” Movies and TV in 2013!


Cloud Atlas (directed by Tom Tykwer and Andy and Lana Wachowski): Visually stunning, this film is even better than the book. I don’t say that very often, but the film adds more depth and a better story arc than the book even has.

Catching Fire (directed by Francis Lawrence): The best book-to-movie adaptation I have ever seen. Seriously, they took my favorite book of the series and perfectly depicted in on screen. Perfect.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (directed by Stephen Chbosky): This was a film I was extremely nervous about seeing. But then I found out that Stephen Chbosky was directing, and I became less nervous. This movie was brilliant. I loved every second of it. It really took the book and made it come alive in ways I didn’t think were possible, and it stayed true to the original novel.

Life of Pi (2012) Poster

Silver Linings Playbook (directed by David Russell): What a great film about the qualms of mental illness! Bradley and JLAW have such a chemistry

Beasts of the Southern Wild (directed by Behn Zeitlin):

Life of Pi (directed by Ang Lee): Another movie I was SUPER hesitant about, because how could they bring Life of Pi to life on screen? But ANG LEE IS A GENIUS! He took every single aspect of this beautiful story and elevated it to film level. It was quite a surprise, and visually it was just STUNNING!

Pitch Perfect (directed by Jason Moore):

Star Trek Into Darkness (directed by J.J. Abrams):

World War Z (directed by Marc Forster):

Anything David Fincher (Se7en, Zodiac, Fight Club, etc): David Fincher is a film genius! He tells such unique stories in such unique ways. Thanks to my co-workers for forcing me to watch them!

Love Actually (directed by Richard Curtis): I couldn’t tell you why it took me so long to watch this movie, but it is precious and wonderful and full of Christmas cheer! What a great holiday movie! Full of happiness and giddiness!


Scandal: I have joined the Scandal nation, ya’ll! I watched the first two seasons in 3 days over the summer and have been watching this season as soon as I get home from school. Guys, this show is CRAZY GOOD! Political conspiracy, GREAT character development, and twists upon twists that just keep unraveling!

Hannibal: This show started in the Spring, and guys…..it is crazy dark and twisted and full of twisty goodness! The casting is perfect, I love the crime aspect, the character development is phenomenal! Watch it, and then you can watch season 2, and we can tweet about it! Because this is the type of show you need to decompress after watching it.

Person of Interest: This is a show that I have wanted to watch since it came on. Now, I have finally watched the first 2 seasons (with season 3 being stored on my DVR). Seeing Micheal Emerson play a conniving good guy is quite a rush! This is a crime show with a twist, and I love the direction it is going!

Revenge: I have just recently started watching this show, too! I watched the first season in 3 days….it is so addicting! I love all the intricacies that unravel with every episode! I am very excited to continue watching this show.

The Blacklist: This show is like 24 meets Alcatraz (which I still mourn every day….wahhhhh!). James Spader is brilliant, there is so much conspiracy to unravel, and I really love the concept of the list.

The Originals: Surprisingly, I am LOVING THIS! I have always been a major fan of Elijah, and then there are Klaus and Marcel! Holy Hawtness Batman!

Big Bang Theory: I have binge-watched this show this year, and am now ALL CAUGHT UP! Holy Crap hilarity!!! It feeds my nerdiness!

Reign: My favorite series premiere this fall! I am completely addicted to the scandalous royal drama! Bring on the hotness, this show is SEXY! haha! And I know it is not historically accurate, but I love it anyway!

Grey’s Anatomy: The last season and a half have made up for the crazy 7-8 seasons, for sure! This is my soap opera drama that I could watch over and over. It is my FEELS show! Love me some

Master Chef: Over the past year and a half, I have REALLY gotten into cooking shows–Chopped, Anne Burrell, etc. So imagine my surprise when I was surfing Hulu over the summer and stumbled on this show. WHY HAVE I NOT WATCHED THIS BEFORE? Gordan Ramsey and crew have a great reality cooking show. I get so many cookery ideas from watching this show, and I love the drama of the competition!

Chicago Fire: Guys, not to throw a pun out there for kicks and giggles, but this show is HAWT!!!! This has become one of my favorite shows on television right now! There are so many plots twisting together, and all of the characters are developed, and it is just hot HOT HAWT!

Vampire Diaries: I mention this, not because I am in love with this most recent series (because I am not, really), but for the second half of last season, which was brilliant and epic and awesome! This is one of my favorite shows, and I have high hopes for the second half of this season! But this fall was kind of too crazy for me…lol

Elementary: I LOVE the chemistry between Joan and Sherlock! This is a very different, alternate-universe retelling of such a classic mystery-solver! The first season was awesome, and this new season has started out with a bang, too! Love!

So, needless to say, I watch a lot of TV and am starting to watch a lot more movies! Do you watch anything awesome? Do you have any movies you would recommend? I AM UP FOR ANYTHING!

Love and a Pot o’ Chili,


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