Bout of Books 9.0 Progress Post

Bout of Books
Here is my updates and progress post for #BoutofBooks 9.0! This is where I will post my activities for Bout of Books Readathon week!
Current Stats:
Books Finished: 4
(1 Novel,
2 Picture Books,
1 Manga)
Currently Reading: —
Currently Listening To: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

January 6th:

Guys, I’ll be honest, I didn’t have the energy to read. I had a wedding this weekend, and I was just drained. So I read like 5 pages of my manga and went shopping with my BFF. But that’s okay. There are still many days of the week left!
Pages read: 0
Books Finished: 0

January 7th:

Fruits Basket, Volume 0312:00pm–okay, I am currently reading Fruits Basket Volume three. But I am also taking some time to watch some overdue movies and stay in and stay warm. I need to go to the grocery store, but it is like 10 degrees outside and I don’t wanna!
8:00pm--finished Fruits Basket Volume Three! Also, today I have watched The Heat (really loved theCharlotteDoyle1 chemistry between Sandra and Melissa!) and caught up on some TV, too. Now I am going to spend the night curled up with one of my favorite books of all time: True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle! I started it on audio but I didn’t like the way it was read, so now I am just going to read it again!
11:30pm–Well, I read two picture books that I had in my Edelwiess review queue. While I loved the illustrations for both of them, the stories were sub-par. Sad day.
How the Meteorite Got to the Museum
It's a Firefly Night
Pages Read: about 100
Books Finished: 3 (Fruits Basket Volume 3, How the Meteorite Got to the Museum, It’s a Firefly Night)
Books Started: True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
Other Accomplishments: commented on many many blogs today!

January 8th:

11:59pm–Well, I have felt out of sorts all day. I slept all of the morning away and then had a rather large headache and then had to go to work. But I did come home and finish True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, so yay! Better reading and participating tomorrow, I promise!
Pages Read: about 150 pages
Minutes Listened To: about 40 minutes
Books Finished: 1 (True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle)
Books Started: Snow Crash on audio
Other Accomplishments: slept all day. heh

January 9th:

General Update for Day #4:  Okay, so I started school back today, which means I got about one hour of audiobook listening in today during my commute (the way back I talked to my mom!). Then, I got home and was more in a movie mood than a reading mood.  So I watched two movies tonight–The Wall (a German isolation memoir movie, which was pretty good) and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. So, other than my hour of listening, I haven’t read anything.
The Wall (2012) PosterPercy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013) PosterFruits Basket (2001) Poster
I wish that I was in more of a reading mood, but I am just not. I am in a slump. I think it’s because my weekend was just so busy and kind of emotional that I need a processing/thinking break. Now I am sitting in bed and watching the Fruits Basket anime on Hulu. It’s making me very happy heehee.
Maybe I’ll feel more like reading tomorrow…? I have a stack of graphic novels, so maybe I’ll try to tackle some of those.

January 10th:

The Walking Dead, Vol. 19: March to War
8:00pm–Well, I worked an 8 hour shift today. But I still managed to finish a book yippee! I finished The Walking Dead Volume 19: March to War. Finally these people do something! So yay! Now I may read another graphic novel tonight, but I may watch Prisoners. We shall see. Right now me and hubby are playing QuizUp like champions! =)Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great
11:59pm–Well, Hubby and I played QuizUp for a couple of hours. It was great! And now I am watching Prisoners, which is a pretty solid movie so far! I did take a time out to read another picture book, though! Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great is a GREAT little picture book about perspective. It is just super cute! So I am still reading, just not seriously reading. But I am enjoying my week, and that’s what matters, right?
Books Finished: 2 (The Walking Dead Volume 19 and Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great)
Books Listened To: Snow Crash (about 20 minutes)
Other Accomplishments: Discovered QuizUp and watched Prisoners.

January 11th and 12th:

Well, I just kind of didn’t read this weekend. Instead, I slept a lot. Such is life. Apparently.
So, overall, this week was kind of not what I was expecting. I was just SO mentally exhausted after last weekend that I really didn’t have the mental capacity to read very much. But such is life, really. I will be very ready for reading during the next bout of books, I PROMISE!
Love and Love,

8 thoughts on “Bout of Books 9.0 Progress Post

  1. Adriana Garcia says:

    I didn’t get around to doing many notes with what I’m reading this year. Silly of me really. That’s too bad about the picture books. The covers looked so promising… Fruits Basket looks good. I’ve heard of it and know it’s pretty popular but haven’t had the chance to get started on the series. With me and manga I need to make sure that my library has all the books or I won’t even bother. I had Runaways cut off at a weird point because there was none left at my school library which stinks because that’s an awesome series (you should check it out – not manga but graphic novels). Good luck with the rest of your books (:

  2. jochiltree says:

    Thanks for including my book, IT’S A FIREFLY NIGHT, on your ‘Bout of Books’ reading list. I agree that the illustrations for IT’S A FIREFLY NIGHT are lovely!
    Thanks again for taking time to give the book a reading. All the best, Dianne Ochiltree

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