Manga Mondays (1): Fruits Basket Volumes 1-2

Manga Monday is a Weekly Meme hosted by Alison @ Alison Can Read

So I have joined the world of Manga! Last year, I really got into reading graphic novels of all types! I just love a story told through art and words. So, naturally, I wanted to venture into this genre of story-telling. After talking to Laura about which Manga series I should start my venture with, and she suggested Fruits Basket! So, I starting reading!


Fruits Basket Volume One by Natsuki Takaya
Published 1999 / 2004 by Tokyo Pop
Shojo Manga

My Snippet Review: Well, I can honestly say that this series is DEFINITELY a great series for anyone who wants a great introduction into the manga world. From the very first chapter I became completely enamored with this story!

My Summary: Tohru Handa is living in the woods by herself and stumbles upon the house of Sohma on her way to school. Two boys live there, Shigure, and Prince Charming himself, Yuki. When they realize that Tohru  is living on her own, they invite her to live with them, against the elder’s better judgment. Why? The family of Sohma has an ancient secret, and when Tohru finds out, her whole life changes.

What I really like about this first volume is that it introduces the characters in a way that makes you connect with them immediately. The first person I was drawn to was Tohru, which is exactly who I think Takaya wants us to connect with first. An orphan girl who is just so full of life and positivity. Tohru just has a spirit that naturally attracts people to her, and that is evident both by how, as a reader, we connect with her as well as how all of the other characters in this series seem to be better when she is around, too.

The Chinese Zodiac curse is a really intriguing–albeit a quite humorous and slightly ridiculous–premise in this series, where the members of the Sohma family cannot be hugged by members of the opposite sex lest they turn into the zodiac animal they represent! Needless to say, this plot idea lends itself to you giggling aloud as you read, because the situations these characters find themselves in are just comedic!

My Bookshelf Rating: A Middle Shelf Book! (3.5 out of 5 Stars)

Fruits Basket, Volume 02

Fruits Basket Volume Two by by Natsuki Takaya
Published 1999 / 2004 by Tokyo Pop
Shojo Manga

My Summary: Now that Tohru is living with the Sohma family, she has to pretend that her life is still normal. So she invites her best friends to a slumber party and gets the boys to help out at the school festival. But Hatori, one of the family heads of house, does not approve of Tohru knowing so much. Why? because he is afraid the same thing that happened to someone in his past will happen to her.

My Snippet Review: In this volume we really get to explore the effect that Tohru has on those around her, particularly with Yuki and Kyo, the left-out cat of the zodiac. This sort of historic competition rivalry between these two characters is amped even more by the presence of Tohru–the beginnings of a love triangle may be forming. Also, we begin to meet the extended family in this volume, and we also start to learn more of the deep secrets that the Sohma family keeps.

My Bookshelf Rating: A Fourth Shelf Book! (4 out of 5 Stars)

Do you read Manga? Have you read this series? Do you have any great series recommendations? Let me know!

Love and Cherry Blossoms,


One thought on “Manga Mondays (1): Fruits Basket Volumes 1-2

  1. Dunk Johnson says:

    Every kid knows about Manga comics. Why are they so popular and what are the coolest Manga comics or characters. These will be really good i hope . Thank you for sharing this .

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