Manga Mondays (2): Fruits Basket 3-4

Fruits Basket, Volume 03

Fruits Basket Volume Three by Natsuki Takaya
Published 1999/2004 by Tokyo Pop
Shojo Manga

My Summary: During a race at school, Tohru meets Haru, a younger cousin who seems to fight with Kyo just as much as Yuki. Also, Yuki and Tohru and Kyo and Kagura go on a double date. Competition for Tohru rises between Kyo and Yuki, though it is still sneaky.

My Snippet Review: I am surprised that Kyo has red hair, but I think it fits his personality well, actually. In this volume, for whatever reason, Kyo and Yuki look SO SIMILAR, so that when they are on the same page it is really hard for me to tell them apart. I think that has something to do with both of them expressing similar emotions in this volume, which just adds to their character development. We also meet many new members of the family, and it is starting to get really confusing as to who is who. But overall I am still enjoying the story, though I may try and watch some of the anime to see if it helps me understand more fully what is going on before I start volume 4!

My Bookshelf Rating: A Middle Shelf Book! (3.5 out of 5 Stars)

Fruits Basket Volume Four by Natsuki Takaya Fruits Basket, Volume 04
Published 2000/2004 by Tokyo Pop
Shojo Manga

My Summary: Haru and Momiji start school with the trio. Also, we meet Yuki’s older brother, Aayme, whom he does not get a long with. That causes some tension in the house. The first anniversary of the death of Tohru’s mom comes, and the boys accompany her and her BFFs to the gravesite, and things begin to change within them both.

My Snippet Review: This book gets a lot more serious in character development, especially with Yuki and Kyo. They both are dealing with some internal things, mostly centered on Tohru. So it makes for interesting dynamics, for sure. The pace has definitely picked up–I just couldn’t put this one down! And Yuki’s older brother….wow he is a riot! I can just see him adding even more crazy to this story!

My Bookshelf Rating: A Fourth Shelf Book! (4.5 out of 5 Stars)

Have you read this series? Who is your favorite character?

Love and Amos McGee,


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