What I’m Watching (3)

What I'm Watching

What I’m Watching is a new feature here at A Librarian’s Library where I will spotlight what I have been watching recently. Whether it be Movies, Television, Documentaries, this is a feature where I will feature what I have become obsessed with or what I just didn’t like at all! Television and Film is a major part of my life, too, and I just want them to be represented on my blog as well!

Okay, so I will be straight-forward with you guys: I have been watching SO MANY THINGS lately! So many FANTASTIC movies, so much TV. If you want to follow my movies progress for the year, here is my track list for the year.

I don’t want to completely bombard you with all that I have been watching recently in one post, so I will split it up and do a couple of posts. So, here we go!


Cutthroat Kitchen: Guys, this show is so much fun to watch! I LOVE Chopped  like crazy, and this show is Chopped on STEROIDS! And with SO MUCH SABOTAGE! And Alton Brown is SO GREAT! Such an entertaining foodie show! (Food Network, Sunday Nights)

Dance Academy: When I saw that the final season finally hit Netflix, I binge-watched this ENTIRE series again in 5 days. And guys, IT IS SO GOOD! Such a dramatic, emotional ride filled with ballet and boys. What’s not to love? 😉

Revenge: I have continued my binge watching to try and catch up to what’s coming on TV. This show is crazy intense, guys. And this third season really gets to look at the good and evil sides of every character, making for some really intense situations.


All Is Lost: A beautiful film about desperation. Robert Redford does a PHENOMENAL job. This movie is all him, just him and the sea.

How to Train Your Dragon: I know, I know, I am WAY LATE to this train. But THIS MOVIE IS OMG SO GOOOOOD! And the score is AMAZING!

The Monuments Men: A story about WWII that is courageous and brave and positive. And this movie is funny and witty and wonderful. Great cast, great acting.


So that’s all I’ll tell you about right now. 😉

Have you seen any of these? What did YOU think about them? Comment and let me know!

Love and Bananas,


6 thoughts on “What I’m Watching (3)

  1. Irish says:

    My boyfriend and I loves to watch movie too and this month we made a challenge to watch Animated movies that has been released within the year 2000 to 2010. It’s exciting looking for the movie and watching them.

    Are you planning to watch the sequel of How to train your dragon?

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