It’s My Month, Y’ALL!


It’s JULY!!!!!!!

It’s my month!!!!!


As much as I love being in school to get my degree and supporting my family and friends, but honestly, I am so excited to have A WHOLE MONTH to myself! Yes, I will still be working, but I have no where that I have to be for an entire month! CRAZY! Just thinking about that makes me feel rested already.


I am just really looking forward to having a month to get things under control again, and relax, and not feel the pressure of traveling or school.

I have plans, y’all. I have set goals for this month, things that I want to accomplish.

  • I HAVE to get my apartment picked up. Many things have gone to the wayside over the last few months.
  • I want to start a steady walking/workout routine.
  • I want to bake a couple of things, as I miss creating things in the kitchen.
  • I am going to read 20 books. I wanted to do the #30booksin30days challenge, but I don’t think I will have THAT much time. 😉
  • I am going to post at least 15 blog posts. I haven’t been very good about that, especially lately. So I want to get on top of it again.

I am also going to sleep and hang out with my husband, and go to work, of course! But I am going to take the next 30 days and really focus on rejuvenating myself again. I need to be re-energized and rested, and also organized and motivated.

So here’s to 30 days of rejuvenation! Here’s to my July!


Love and Pretzel Sticks,


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