Confessions From the Library: Too Much NEW!


Have you ever found yourself completely and utterly overwhelmed and overstimulated by new stories?

I have a confession: I am a perpetual re-reader.

Or I was before I started a book blog.

When I found a book I love, I would put it on my mental reading docket. And, without fail, I would read it every 1.5-2 years, like clockwork. I have done this since elementary school, and continued to do it all through undergrad. Which is why, up until the last three years, my “Read” list was significantly shorter that I assumed it would be, being a life-long reader. Because for so many years, I literally read the same books over and over and over. For YEARS.

Why, you ask?

Maybe I find comfort in the familiar. Maybe I just love some stories so much that I can’t live that long without them. I honestly can’t give you a reason. There are just some stories I love and want to continually revisit always.

So I did.

It’s not that I didn’t read new books, because I totally did. I just made a lot more time for going back and revisiting my favorite books. Over the last couple of years, I have reread books significantly less than I used to. But, when a new book comes out in a series, I tend to go back and read all the preceding books, because I am a re-reader at heart.

This is where my recent problem comes into play.

This summer, I have read some seriously fantastic books! Many of them back to back! And I really loved it! It was exciting to pick up a new book and love it, and to pick up another new book and love that one, too! It was a great summer of reading for me!


But it was just TOO MUCH NEW!

I just got to a point where I couldn’t read any more new-to-me stories! I was completely overwhelmed by the new characters and stories running through my head (and my physical to be reviewed pile on my coffee table was getting ridiculously large and I could no longer use the remote without standing up!). My brain was so overstimulated, and I WAS NOT USED TO IT!


So I said, NO MORE! And then I picked up The Secret Life of Bees. I hadn’t read it in a few years, and I fell in love with it all over again.

And then I read Anna and the French Kiss. And I loved it even more this time than I did the first time.

And I felt better.

I feel better.

I feel like, now that I have gone back to familiar stories and lived in them for a week, I can now continue to discover new stories!



Are you a rereader? Have you ever felt this way before? This was a new and very strange experience for me, so I’m curious if I am the only one who has felt this way before!

Love and Pearl Earrings,



8 thoughts on “Confessions From the Library: Too Much NEW!

  1. Emma says:

    I am definitely definitely definitely a re-reader, and re-watcher and re-listener. I can re-watch my favourite film until the DVD disc is all scratched up. Same goes for books, my frequent re-reads are Pride and Prejudice, Rebecca, and (curiously) Good Omens. I think a lot of it is to do with the comfort of the familiar, it’s something that I’ve noticed extends to my wider life and life choices as well as to books!

  2. Melisondra says:

    I was previously guilty of this until I started running my own book blog as well. Since then, I have found myself branching out and enjoying books which are new to me while still returning to a tried and true favorite when I get burned out. You do justice describing something I think many of us readers go through!

  3. raskelton1 says:

    I am absolutely a re-reader and re-watcher! I think Ella Enchanted, HP, and Anne of Green Gables books are probably my biggest re-reads. The familiar is just so cozy! Plus, I always immerse myself enough that I only think about the very page that I am reading right then so I’m not spoiling myself with what I know is up ahead.

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