Top Ten Tuesday (79): I Need to Read More of Them!


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme create at The Broke and the Bookish.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is:

Ten Authors I Need to Read More From!

I am easily obsessed. When I find something I like, I want ALL THE THINGS. All of them. So when I find an author I like, I want ALL THE BOOKS. But sometimes, I just don’t get to them as quick as I need them. Here are some authors that I need to read more of, pronto!

1. David Levithan: My instant answer. I have read quite a few of his, but I need to read them all. ALL! RIGHT NOW! Or at least soon. Because his books are beautiful and perfect. That is all.

2. Courtney Summers: I read This Is Not A Test a while ago, and I have been meaning to pick another one of her books because I just LOVE that book! I am really interested to read one of her contemporary novels next!

3. Maggie Stiefvater: A couple years ago, I read The Scorpio Races and enjoyed it. I have wanted to pick up one of her series and read them, to experience another genre of story from her. I am really interested in reading The Raven Boys.

4. Hannah Moskowitz: Last year, I read Marco Impossible and really enjoyed it! I know that she has written a lot of dark YA contemporaries, and I REALLY want to read them! I need to move them up my list!

5. Neil Gaiman: I started with his most recent book, and I NEED TO READ MORE! SOON! Why haven’t I done this already?!?!?! AHHHHH!!!

6. Stephen King: I have started listening to his novels, and I enjoy them so much! I have mostly listened to his newest stuff , so I am really wanting to go back and dig into his older, more classic stuff!

7. A.S.King: OH MY GAWD Ask the Passengers!!!!! It is so freakin’ beautiful! I need more of this beauty! I NEEEEEEEEEEEEED to read more A.S. King!!!!!!!

8. Jo Knowles: I listened to See You At Harry’s last year and FELL IN LOVE! That story was lovely, and I want to listen to her other works SOOON!!!!!

9. Morgan Matson: Because I just ADORED Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour. I have heard her other books are just as brilliant, and I can’t wait to read them!

10. E. Lockhart: I’ll be honest…We Were Liars was my first E. Lockhart book. BUT IT WILL NOT BE MY LAST!!!! I have a couple of her books sitting on my shelf at home, so I will be getting to them VERY SOON!

So, those are my authors that I NEED MORE OF! Who do you need more of? Do you have any books by these authors that you would recommend? Leave me a comment, let me know!

Love and Reese’s Pieces,


19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (79): I Need to Read More of Them!

  1. Caught Read Handed says:

    David Levithan is on my list too! I’ve only ever read Will Grayson, Will Grayson, which he co-wrote with John Green. I want to read one of his books. Which would you recommend I start with?
    Funnily enough, The Scorpio Races is the only Stiefvater book I haven’t read. 🙂 The Raven Boys is fantastic.
    My TTT

    • alibrarianslibrary says:

      Ooooh. My absolute favorite is Two Boys Kissing. But I also love The Lover’s Dictionary and Every Day. And Boy Meets Boy is just adorable fun!

      And the more that I see about it, the more I REALLy want to read Raven Boys!

  2. ccplteenunderground says:

    I’m with you on e. lockhart. I just read We Were Liars, and now I feel like I have to go through and read the rest of her books!

  3. Leila @ LeilaReads says:

    What a great list! I adore Courtney Summers (I’ve read every one of her books and they’re all amazing, although I think Fall for Anything is the best). Maggie Stiefvater is also extremely talented. I finally caved and bought We Were Liars, so if I enjoy that I’ll probably check out more E. Lockhart books.

  4. Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know says:

    Highly recommend anything Maggie Stiefvater. The Raven Boys was my least favorite book she’s written so far, but I think The Dream Thieves was a much better book and you’ve got to go through book 1 to get to book 2. I hate that I didn’t think to add Courtney Summers to my list. I too LOVED This Is Not a Test. And I just saw today that the elibrary has We Were Liars so i’ll hopefully get to check that out soon. Great list!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  5. cmfought says:

    I need to read more David Levithan… I /loved/ Every Day… and I’ve read his books with other authors… but I need to read more of just his books. I’m also weirdly probably one of the biggest Neil Gaiman fans for having never read a Neil Gaiman book. I know. I’m terrible. I own a lot of them, I’ve just never actually read them. /sigh

    Great list 🙂
    Chelsea @ Books Turn Brains

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