What I’m Watching (5): FALL IS HERE! What’s on my DVR Schedule!

It has been a very long summer. May-September is such a long time to wait.


Image courtesy of Tumblr, gifs-for-the-masses

Image courtesy of Tumblr, gifs-for-the-masses

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Big Brother and America’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance and Master Chef and American Ninja Warrior. But I am ready for my story-shows!

A couple shows started back up last week:

image from chron


Dancing with the Stars (ABC Mondays 7pm Central)–I’ll be honest, I really didn’t know that many of the celebrities this time around so I was a little worried about the quality of the show, but I was pleasantly surprised! I think it will be a good quality season of dancing! Plus, there’s Carlton from Fresh Prince! ❤

Image Courtesy of Livejournal, Oh No They Didn’t!

New Girl (Fox Tuesdays 8pm Central)–After the end of last season, I was kind of weary of where this show was going. But Tuesday’s premiere episode started with a bang in true New Girl fashion! Yay!

image from the thrill of the hunt

The Mindy Project (Fox Tuesdays 8:30pm Central)–Binge-watched the first two seasons last month. I am madly in love with this show, and the season premiere made me fall in love EVEN MORE. If you don’t watch it, you should. It’s witty and entertaining, and Mindy is awesome!

image from tumblr

Red Band Society (Fox Wednesdays 8pm Central)–I haven’t watched the premiere yet, but the previews look so great and heart-warming and a show that is right up my alley!

image from tumblr

Utopia (Fox Tuesdays and Fridays 7pm Central)–This show started at the beginning of September. I am still not really sure how I feel about it, but I keep watching it anyway. It’s a reality TV show about 15 people coming together for a year to create a new world–their own Utopia. And we get to see how hard it is to bring polar opposites together in one place. It is like watching a train wreck,  where you don’t want to watch but you just can’t stop. It’s…..interesting. HAH!


But THIS WEEK, this week is when fall TV REALLY kicks off! I will break it down by what I am watching/DVRing each night!


image from NBC’s tumblr

The Voice (NBC 7pm Central, also Tuesdays)–This is my favorite singing competition show because they really focus on developing the performer as a vocalist, which I really appreciate. Also, Adam Levine! And I am loving the new addition of Pharrell and Gwen. They are making this show very entertaining already!

image from Glee Wiki

Gotham (Fox 7pm Central)–So, it’s a prequel to Batman….DUH I’m going to give it a try! I am VERY interested to see how this one holds up!

image from Big Bang Theory GIFS

Big Bang Theory (CBS 7pm Central)–30 minutes of pure hilarity and nerdiness automatically built in to my week. It’s lovely. And I love it!

image from CBS

/Scorpion (CBS 8pm Central)–Another premiere I am REALLY interested in watching! I love CBS shows, and this one looks very spy-like and behind the scenes crime fighting, which is really cool! I hope this is as good as it looks!

image from Blacklist Tumblr

The Blacklist (NBC 9pm Central)–One of my new favorite shows! I am so obsessed with this show. Like, really! It is so intense and crazy and mysterious and obvious and SO GOOD! Watch it!


image from tumblr

NCIS (CBS 7pm Central)–A classic that I love. So much. Sometimes it can get a little repetitive, but then the writers throw that case curveball and it spices right back up.

NCIS: New Orleans (CBS 8pm Central)–I really liked the cast dynamic in the tie-in episode of last season of NCIS. I am interested to see if that chemistry will continue, or if it will be a flop. I can see myself loving it or getting rid of it. Time will tell!

image from NBC Chicago fire tumblr

Chicago Fire (NBC 9pm Central)–LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. This show is HOT! (Pun intended). And I NEEEEEED this season premiere like NOW!

image from tumblr

Person of Interest (CBS 9pm Central)–This show……guys, this show is insanely crazy. And I am still not ENTIRELY sure what is going on, but I love it! The character development in this show is so dynamic, it’s ridiculous!

Forever (ABC 9pm Central)–Apparently this was on last night. OOPS! This show really intrigues me! It’s a crime show with an immortal twist? YES PLEASE! Plus, I actually recognize everyone in this cast, so I am excited to see how this show goes!


image from Survivor wiki

Survivor (CBS 7pm Central)–I am a fan, what else can I say?

The Mysteries of Laura (NBC 8pm Central)–Another new show that has caught my eye. I am curious about it, but I just don’t know if it will stand up to something I like. But I’m gonna try it and see!

image from NBC tumblr

Chicago PD (NBC 9pm Central)–The other half of Chicago Fire! I love how the characters go in and out of both shows and how the story lines connect together. And this crew of cops….they are GREAT!

Thursday! (#TGIT)

image from wifflegif

Bones (Fox 7pm Central)–My favorite duo on TV! I just love Booth and Brennan together! I have loved seeing their partnership and friendship grow over the seasons, and seeing how they make each other better at what they do. Plus, they are just hilarious. PLUS, Hodges and Angela! AND SWEETS! Just a dynamic cast, honestly!

image from tumblr

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC 7pm Central)–I love this show. I know it has gotten a bad rap, but the writing changed over the last two seasons and it’s gone in a great direction. I am excited to see what happens to these characters that I love sans Christina!

image from ivillage

Scandal (ABC 8pm Central)–SCANDAL SCANDAL SCANDAL SCANDAL!!!!! That’s all.

image from tumblr

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC 9pm Central)–SHONDA THREE! I will watch anything she puts on TV. And THIS show looks SO GOOD! And Dean Thomas is in this show! YAY!


Amazing Race (CBS 7pm Central)–Because who doesn’t like watching people race around the world?!

Shark Tank (ABC 8pm Central)–I love seeing what people are inventing, and I love seeing which products are worthy of shark investor’s time. It’s entertaining and informative!


image from rebloggy

Once Upon a Time (ABC 7pm Central)–After the first half of season 3, I had to take a break. But I have caught up and am SUPER excited about season 4. 🙂 Plus, I LOVE Hook! 😉

image from Ship Jemily

Revenge (ABC 9pm Central)–This show blows my mind with twisted awesomeness! I love everything about this show!  I can’t  wait to see what happens this season. It will be REALLY interesting!


AND THAT’S JUST THIS WEEK! I am also planning on recording:

image from blogspot NCIS Los Angeles

NCIS LA (CBS Monday September 29th 9pm Central)–Love me some Deeks. I like that this NCIS is more conspiracy and less crime to crime. And I just LOVE the dynamic cast! I wouldn’t replace anyone. And Hetty is a HOOT!

Castle (ABC Monday September 29th 9pm Central)–Guys, I love Nathan Fillion. And I love the chemistry between Castle and Beckett. And I love the bromance between Javier and Ryan. GAH I love this show! And I can’t WAIT to see how the cliff-hanger from last season resolves!

image from tumblr

Selfie (ABC Tuesday September 30th 8pm Central)–This comedy/sitcom looks really funny. But it could easily flop. We shall see!

image from The Originals tumblr

Vampire Diaries (CW Thursday October 2nd 7pm Central)–All drama, all the time. It’s so entertaining. And infuriating. And addicting. We wills see where this season goes, though….I am interested to see how they handle things this season!

image from the Reign Wiki

Reign (CW Thursday October 2nd 8pm Central)–FAVORITE NEW SHOW FROM LAST YEAR! LOVE! SO GREAT (not historically accurate, but SUPER SEXY!)

A to Z (NBC Thursday October 2nd 8:30om Central)–I am hoping this will be another romcom along the lines of New Girl and Mindy Project. I hope that it’s good! We’ll see!

image from giphy

The Walking Dead (AMC Sunday October 12th 8pm Central)–AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is all. 😉


Yes, I know I am crazy. But I just LOVE TV. 😉 Some of these shows may get their recordings cancelled. Who Knows! But I am just SUPER excited for Fall TV! =)

What are you planning on watching? Do you just LOVE one of these shows, too? Please let me know, because I love Twitter chatting about TV! 😉

Love and A Full DVR,



2 thoughts on “What I’m Watching (5): FALL IS HERE! What’s on my DVR Schedule!

  1. katherinej1012 says:

    Nice list! I watch most of these, too!

    I NEED Bones to come back. After the season finale…. Oh My God! I’ll also be interested to see where Grey’s Anatomy heads this series. Should be interesting!

    I’m also waiting for Criminal Minds to come back ):

    • alibrarianslibrary says:

      OMGSH YES! Bones….ahhhhh!

      And Criminal Minds is a show that I will watch one day! I am just one of those people who has to watch a show from the beginning, so it will take so much time to catch up, and with so many shows on now….lol. That will have to be a summer binge-watch, I think! But now it’s on Netflix so that makes it easier!

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