Why This Re-reader is NOT Rereading Gone Girl


Gone GirlAs you probably know by now, I am a HUGE re-reader! I reread books for comfort, to relive my favorite stories. I also reread the previous books in a series when a new book gets published. And I reread books before the movie comes out.

Only not this time.

I read this book right after it came out, having GOBBLED up her first two novels, Sharp Objects and Dark Places. But after reading her novels in publication order, when I got to this one, I found it to be a little more mainstream and a little slow to develop (in a negative way). Had my coworkers not told me it was worth finishing, I would have quit halfway through because I was bored. But I did persist, and I did finish it. And I really did like it overall, once I got halfway through.

Over the last few weeks, since the first trailers for David Fincher’s adaptation of this novel started appearing on the internet and TV commercials, I have had an urge to re-read this book, to re-experience this story again before going to see the film adaptation opening weekend.

But then this weekend, I decided I didn’t want to re-read it.Gone Girl (2014) Poster

Yes, I did shock myself with this conclusion, because I re-read ALL THE BOOKS, all the time. I love revisiting stories.

But my experience with this story the first time around was mixed for me–I didn’t love this book. So, I asked myself, why exactly do I want to reread this before the movie?

My answer initially was: Because I reread books before the movie comes out. But is that really a great reason to reread some books? Especially a book that I didn’t love?

My new conclusion: No. I do not need to reread this book. I will revisit this story by watching the film. I am really excited for this movie, which surprises me. But from what I do remember about the book, the previews look spot on! I want to be able to enjoy this film as fully as I possibly can, and I think this time….reading the book again may inhibit that.

I just want to go into this film with the same level of excitement I have right now! Maybe after seeing the movie I will revisit the book again.

All I can say is I am looking forward to Friday!

Are any of you going to see this movie? Are you as excited as I am? Talk to me! 😉

Love and Ben Affleck,



One thought on “Why This Re-reader is NOT Rereading Gone Girl

  1. Leila Reads says:

    I haven’t made it last the first 20 pages of Gone Girl, but I’m thinking I may try again although I’ll wait the months until it’s out on HBO or the like for the movie (I’m cheap like that). I agree that there’s no need to reread a book if you didn’t love it. Seems like reading time could be better spent rereading something else.

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