The Fun of Booktrailers: Locked In Time

I’ve been quiet for a few days. That is because a) I have had a busy couple of weeks of school and b) I just haven’t been reading as much.

I have been catching up on TV and watching a lot of horror movies, but not reading all that much. Which is okay, because sometimes you need a break.

So, today, rather than trying to write a review on a book I read a while ago, I decided to share with you a project I made for my Young Adult Materials and Services class I am taking this semester.

Using free resources and slideshow software, I made a book trailer advertising an “oldie but a goodie.”  This is a great way to shine some light on older books in a library collection. Likewise, you can also create one for pre-publicity in your library to get readers excited for an upcoming title! And this is such an easy thing to do!

There is a website that specializes in making book trailers, and they are really inviting. You can find them on the Book Trailers for All Youtube channel.

Here is mine!

Locked in Time Book by Lois Duncan (Book Trailer) from Jennifer P on Vimeo.

It was a lot of fun to make, and it was surprisingly easy! If you ever found yourself slaving over a Windows Movie Maker slideshow to share with your friends, then you would be a pro at making a book trailer! It is just stringing together images with transitions, text, and music to make the story seem really inviting and intriguing!

The process is pretty simple.

1. Download movie/slideshow software, like PhotoStory or iMovie.

2. Pick a book and read it. (It really helps to have read the book so you can make the trailer personal to the character and authentic to the tone of the story).

3. Find free images and music. There are many sources out there for royalty free music and images. For mine, I used Flickr Creative Commons.

4. Create the slideshow.

5. Cite your sources 😉

6. Share using a videosharing platform.

See how easy? 🙂

Now, my question to you is…

Would YOU want to read this book?


I'd love to know your thoughts!

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