2014 Blogoversary Week!

The last week of the year is always fun! It is a week to reflect on the year, to remember everything I have done, everything I have read, everything I have watched. I spend this week on the blog each year summarizing my year by categories so that I can spend a little time highlighting the best (and not so best) things!

Because I am starting a day later than normal, every day will probably have more than one post. So keep coming back to visit so you can see my end of the year review!

Here is a little preview of the posts you will be getting (though not necessarily in this order!):

  • My Reading Year in Review: Statistics
  • Best Realistic Reads
  • Best Speculative Reads
  • Best Audiobooks
  • Best Graphic Novels
  • Best Picture Books
  • Best On Screen
  • Blogging Reflection
  • Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions
  • Most Disappointing Reads
  • Top Ten Reads of 2014
  • Jamie’s End of the Year Survey

So, here’s to the final week of 2014. Make it count!

Love and Leather Journals,


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