Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going: Reflections on Three Years of Blogging

Happy Blogoversary to me! Three years ago, I decided to start a blog that I could just dedicate to the books I am reading. Little did I know that three years later, I would be here, still with a blog dedicated to all things bookish. I have really enjoyed my blogging experiences thus far, and I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

Where I’ve Been

My blogging goes through spurts. Some months I will write up and post reviews on every book I have read. Some months I only post a couple of times, and then I find myself about 10 reviews behind. But you know what? That is just life. I do not blog for money. This is not my job. I worked two jobs for a long time, and now I am working and entering my final semester in Grad School and interning at a middle school and an elementary school. So you know what? If I don’t post more than 5 times one month, that’s okay. If I don’t write up a full review for each book I read, that’s okay too. This year, I have really learned to be okay with not competing with other blogs and bloggers. I don’t have to “keep up” with what someone else is doing. This is my book blog, this is my space in the blogosphere, and this is all I have control over. And that’s okay.

Last year, I moved from Blogger to WordPress. And during that process, I pretty much started over with my follower count. And that was a little discouraging at first, just because I had built a small following, only to literally start over again. But this year, this blog is starting to build up a following. Every single time I get a notification that someone new has followed my blog, I smile giddily. I don’t have a lot of followers, and I probably never will. And I am okay with that. I just wanted my readers/followers who are reading this now to know that I appreciate you guys. Every follow and every like and every comment makes me so incredibly happy. So thank you for your support this year. I am someone who really doesn’t care about the numbers, but it is still really nice to know that what I am writing gets seen by someone. So really and truly, thank you.

Also, this past year, according to my Goodreads stats, I am going to come up about 10,000 pages less than what I was able to read in 2013. I feel like I haven’t read any less than I did last year (although apparently I am 20 books behind where I was last year). There are probably a couple of reasons for this:

1. Grad school: This past year, I have had less time off (obviously). I have also taken two Literature classes, which means I was specific books for class and had less time to read for not class. Also, starting internships this semester meant that when I had a couple of hours, I just wanted to watch TV.

2. My movie watching habits: Guys, I used to rarely watch movies. But this year, by the end of the year, I will probably have watched 120 movies. THAT IS CRAZY! But I have really enjoyed it. It has been a new way to experience stories. My husband and I went to the dollar theatre every week this summer, and it was a fun date! Movies have become an integral part of my life, and I am okay with that. I enjoy them!

3. Television: Sometimes, it is just easier to sit and watch TV when I am tired than it is for me read a book. And as many of you know, I do watch A LOT of TV. I love a good story! And I love twitter-chatting about #Mande and #The100 and everything else. 🙂

4. Comics/Graphic Novels: I LOVE GRAPHIC NOVELS! And this year I have really gotten in to reading them! And they are shorter. And that’s okay, because they are wonderful and engaging and beautiful! And this past month I have REALLY gotten into comics, too! This is not going to change, and I am totally okay with that!

5. Podcasts instead of Audiobooks: This year, I have discovered a little thing called podcasts. Rather than listening to audiobooks when I am getting ready in the morning, I am listening to Bookriot and Panels (and lately Serial). They are bookish, for sure. But they aren’t books. Oh well! I love them!

Things have changed for me this year, and I am perfectly and completely okay with them. I am not complaining–I love all of these new things in my life. And things next year will probably continue to change, and I am okay with that too! I love what I love, I enjoy what I enjoy, and I am okay with that!

Where I’m Going

I don’t know how much my blog will change this next year. I know that I will graduate in May. I know that I will be searching for full-time school library jobs. I know that I will dedicate as much time to this blog as I am able at any one time. But I’m not going to stress about it. Whatever will be will be.

Plans for this next year? Because I have incorporated so many movies into my life, I want to make my “On Screen” passion to have more of a presence on my blog. So I will be writing more What I’m Watching posts, and maybe even do a few movie reviews, too!

My biggest plan is to self-host my blog. It may not happen until after I graduate in May, but it will happen! So that will be fun!

Also, I want to write more discussion posts. I want this blog to be a place for me to talk out my feelings about lots of things, not just book reviews. So we will see how that goes. This may also include more library-centric things, because I am a librarian and that is a major part of my life as well.

AND, call me crazy, but I am currently reading a book….ON AN E-READER! Yes, this is the first time I have managed to get a Netgalley to my tablet and read it like a digital book (not on my computer), and I am really digging it! So here’s to more digital reading in 2015!

But For Now

I hope you are enjoying my 2014 Year in Review posts. I have a few more coming, so stay tuned! And Happy New Year!

Love and Sprinkles,


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