2014 Best on Screen

I dedicate a lot of my time to books. But books are not my only love.

Yes, I am talking about TV. Anyone that knows me know that I watch SO MUCH TV. And I am totally okay with that! I love the story development that television allows, and I love that SHOCK factor. And 2014 was also my year for movie watching! By the end of this year I will have watched over 120 movies….THAT IS CRAZY!

So it seems only natural to dedicate a Best of 2014 post to things on screen. So I will now highlight some of the best things I have watched this year!

Top 7 Movies

Prisoners (2013) PosterHow to Train Your Dragon (2010) PosterAll Is Lost (2013) PosterPompeii (2014) Poster

Prisoners:Β This was one of the first movies I watched this year, and I STILL think about it. This film is dark, but it so accurately portrays the human condition when faced with such a desparate situation. I was sitting on the edge of seat the entire time! It’s thrilling and intense!

How to Train Your Dragon/How to Train Your Dragon II:Β I don’t know how I possibly waited this long to watch the first. But it is SERIOUSLY GREAT! And the second one…..JUST AS GREAT! The soundtrack is phenomenal, the storytelling is engaging, and Toothless is freakin’ adorable! LOVE!

All Is Lost: I love a good movie with all the flashes and bangs. But sometimes a movie can be just as impacting when nothing happens. This is a story with two characters: the sailor and the ocean. It is beautiful, the sound editing is fantastic, and there is only one spoken word in the entire movie. But it is so engaging and thrilling in a completely different sense. Robert Redford does a truly phenomenal job.

Pompeii: Honestly, this is just a movie I enjoyed. When I saw that Kit Harington was going to be in it, I knew I was going to watch it no matter what. But surprisingly the storyline is really great. It has depth, it has action, and the score for this film is my favorite of the year! πŸ™‚

The Fault in Our Stars (2014) PosterGuardians of the Galaxy (2014) PosterWhat If (2013) Poster

The Fault in Our Stars:Β Adaptation perfection. What more can I say about this, really? I thought the casting was perfect, the acting was perfect, everything was perfect. Okay?

Guardians of the Galaxy: I will admit, I didn’t want to see this when I saw the previews. I thought it was going to be really stupid. BUT IT’S SO AWESOME! Seriously, it’s in my top three favorite super hero movies, period! LOVE GROOT! ❀

What If:Β An indie film surprise! This is such a quirky, understated film. I fell in love with everything about it: the characters, the names, seeing Dan not as Harry Potter, the allusions, EVERYTHING. Watch this if you haven’t yet. You won’t regret it!

Honorable Mentions: As I Lay Dying, The Monuments Men, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Edge of Tomorrow, Gone Girl, Saw

9 Must Watch Television Shows

***Note: I watch A TON of TV shows that I adore! That being said, the following are the shows that I MUST WATCH IMMEDIATELY ASAP PRONTO LET’S GO!***

Orphan Black (2013) PosterThe Mindy Project (2012) PosterScandal (2012) PosterHow to Get Away with Murder (2014) Poster

Orphan Black: Call me 100% COMPLETELY OBSESSED! If I had to pick only one show to watch, it would be this one. This show has everything you want out of a great TV show: character development, intriguing plot points, great intensity. WATCH IT! πŸ™‚

The Mindy Project: I binged-watched over the summer so I could watch season 3 on TV this fall. I just adore it. It has some low points, but these characters are just so endearing. Love for all thing Mindy.

Scandal: What can I say? I can’t get enough of this show. This season has been particularly interesting, as I really have no idea what to expect next! This season’s scandal is so big that it hasn’t even been named yet! And the intensity in this love triangle is getting HUGELY HEATED! YIKES!

How to Get Away With Murder: Another GREAT Shonda Showing! Great characters, intriguing story-telling method. I am in love! My favorite new show of 2014.

Jane the Virgin (2014) PosterThe Vampire Diaries (2009) PosterReign (2013) PosterThe 100 (2014) PosterThe Walking Dead (2010) Poster

Jane the Virgin: This show is so clever it is ridiculous! I love the diversity, I love the characters, I love the story, I love the quirkiness. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS TELANOVELA ABOUT TELANOVELAS! Seriously, this is such a fantastic show. It’s dramatic, but it’s dramatic in a clever way. A new adult show for lovers of new adult (and mystery)!

The Vampire Diaries: After last season, I was about ready to give up. But this season…..this season has been great! It has FINALLY gotten back to the core of why I started watching the show in the first place! I am loving the new additions to the cast and loving how our main characters are developing darker sides.

Reign: GUYS! THIS SHOW! I don’t care that it’s not historically accurate. This show gets me all hot and bothered, and I LOVE IT! If you watch this show, please comment and let me know! I love twitter chatting about my love for #Mande. (Just ask Joey!)

The 100: Jump on the blogger band-wagon! This is all I have seen bloggers talk about lately on twitter! πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, another fantastic CW show that leaves you wanting more each week. For the YA Dystopia lover, for sure! (Season 1 is currently on Netflix!)

The Walking Dead: Because I cannot do a TV post without mentioning this show. This season has been especially intense. I cannot wait for the spring, where we are going to meet some more really great characters! Bring on the zombies!

Honorable Mentions: New Girl, Survivor, Hannibal, Resurrection, Revenge

Β ~*~*~

Honestly, I could talk about movies and shows all day. But I’ll just stop here. If you watch any of these shows, let me know! I seriously LOVE talking about them! πŸ™‚

Love and The Loft,


10 thoughts on “2014 Best on Screen

  1. Ο‰ΟƒΡβˆ‚Ρ•Ο‰Ρ”Π½Ρ”Ξ±ΡΡ‚ says:

    We have a lot of the same favorite shows. I just got caught up on How To Get Away With Murder and i really liked it. And I was also ready to give up on TVD after last season but I did really like this season (i still have to watch the finale) and I love Reign! Although im very behind, same goes with Scandal. I really havent been keeping track with my shows, im just now catching up on the last season of The 100

  2. bluexberryxcheesecake says:

    You watch some fantastic TV! I’m also an Ophan Black addict and I always push more people to watch it (I mean, it’s bad. I keep asking my biology teacher if she’s seen it yet and every day she says ‘no.’).
    And I have to agree with you on How To Get Away With Murder too! I loooooobve law shows but this one is different and it feels funner I guess? Viola Davis is one of the best actresses I’ve seen on TV though C:
    YES I WATCH REIGN HI HELLO! I’m still two episodes behind I think I’m going to catch up today :3 It is reaaaaaaaaally good and I love Adelaide Kane!
    I used to watch The Vampire Diaries but I didn’t make to the end of season 5 because I just reaaaaally wasn’t enjoying it. There were so many plot holes and things that frustrated me so although the first two seasons were amazing and the third was okay, I had to give it up…

    And I mean, those were just the TV shows, don’t get me started on the films haha C:

  3. Jannell says:

    How do you keep track of the tv and movies you watch? I know you use Goodreads for books – I’m gonna do that this year too! πŸ™‚

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