2014 Reading Summary

So I really wanted to take some time before 2015 really gets in high swing to analyze my reading habits for 2014. So here goes nothing!

***Note: this is not exact. I don’t think all of my numbers add up to the same total. I made a couple of mistakes, but the overall picture will still show through. This year I have already made a spread sheet so things will be more exact ;)***

Total Books Reads: 233

Breakdown by Age Group:

age type

**Clearly you can tell I took a Children’s Lit class this year 😉 **

***The rest of these stats do not include the picture books numbers. ***

About the Authors

gender of authors


 About the Books

new or re

format fic or non



**Note: Information Books should read 5, not 15**

Number of Books with Diverse Characters = 51


I kind of decided to do this at the last minute, so I am sure that some of these numbers may be wrong. I have already made a great spreadsheet to document the books I read for 2015 that will really analyze some characteristics about my reads. So I am really excited about that.

But back to these graphs.

Type of book by Age group: Firstly, I had NO IDEA I had read that many picture books this year! Secondly, when you take away the picture books, I have read more YA books than Adult and MG put together. This is not surprising, as I love YA. But honestly, those numbers aren’t as skewed as I was thinking they would be. So there’s that.

About my authors: With the #WeNeedDiverseBooks Campaign, I really did want to read more diverse books by diverse authors. And while I did do pretty well with diverse characters (51 titles this year!), my authors themselves were not as diverse as I would want them to be. 2015 will be a year where I INTENTIONALLY seek out more diverse authors. I am already starting a list for myself. And as for the gender of the authors, I am a little surprised that my numbers are THAT skewed. But this year I read a lot of YA (which is dominated by women) and a lot of memoirs about women. Next year I will try to read some more YA male authors, because I do think they have something to offer.

About my books: I don’t feel that I reread a lot this year, but my numbers say otherwise. I guess I just feel that, for many of those rereads, I experienced them in different ways. Some of them I listened to rather than read (or read rather than listened) and I fell in love with the story in a new way. As a rereader, I always make time to re-experience books. This will not change next year.

The formats of my reading is not surprising at all. I have always read physical copies. Until this last week. Then I read my first digital book on my tablet, and I know I will be doing this more in 2015. So next year, these numbers will be very different. Also, I am already planning on doing some serious comic reading, so that number will be MUCH higher next year, too! This year I didn’t even average 2 audiobooks a month, but I will be honest: I started listening to podcasts while getting ready or cleaning my house. My audiobooks have mostly stayed in the car this year. Maybe this will change, maybe this won’t. We shall see!

Honestly, I am surprised that I read 15 nonfiction books this year. I have really discovered that I like reading memoirs. So I will probably make some more time for those next year. Also, I have discovered a few microhistories that I am really interested in reading next year.

This year was the year of realistic fiction. I feel like that is a little bit unusual for my typical reading habits–I feel that I typically gravitate more towards Sci-Fi. But this year I just wanted real stories–fiction, memoirs, historical…I just wanted some real stories. So that is what I gravitated toward.

Overall: I read less than in the past couple of years, but I don’t feel any less accomplished. A lot of these categories are really skewed, but I have a feeling that in 2015 they won’t be that skewed.

Here’s to 2015 and reading more diversely all around!

Love and Chocolate Chip Cookies,


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