#FitReaders Update 1

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I haven’t done a #fitreaders update yet, so I figured that I would check in 🙂

January Goal = Consistency (at least 15 days of exercise during the month)
Current Stats: 8 days
Current Minute Total: 220 minutes
(out of 322 minutes)

Update: There have been a couple of days that I have intended to go out and walk that I wasn’t able to, but hopefully this week I will make up for that. It was a rough start back into exercising, but now I am getting to the point where it feels great.

In fact, today I walked/jogged for 40 minutes outside, and it just felt so good. Spending a day to myself, outside in the sunshine and 60+ degree weather. I took a picnic to the park, spent a couple hours reading, and then went on a lovely walk. And you know what? I felt SO GOOD! I felt strong, I felt relaxed. This final semester of gradschool has felt a bit overwhelming. But now, I feel much more calm about everything! It’s been a good day, and I am looking forward to more of them this week! Bring it on! I am ready to move!

Here is a link to my #FitReaders Log and Progress.

Love and Ritz Bits Sandwiches with Cheese,


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