What I’m Watching (6): New Indie Watches

What I'm WatchingWhat I’m Watching is a new feature here at A Librarian’s Library where I will spotlight what I have been watching recently. Whether it be Movies, Television, Documentaries, this is a feature where I will feature what I have become obsessed with or what I just didn’t like at all! Television and Film is a major part of my life, too, and I just want them to be represented on my blog as well!

A Collection of Indie Films

I have been watching movies like crazy this month–like I am actually watching more movies than reading books. Which is weird for me, but there ya go. Because of this mood I have been in, I have been wandering into the Movies section at work and picking up movies off the NEW shelf if they catch my eye. While I put a lot of movies that I want to watch on hold, the movies I pick up off the shelf are usually movies I have never heard of. And I must say, I have found some seriously GREAT movies this way! In an effort to organize this post, I will just tell you about the quirky indie films I have watched (and really enjoyed) this year already.

Very Good Girls (2013) Poster

Very Good Girls (Directed by Naomi Foner, 91 minutes)

In a snippet: Two girls learn what it means to be friends through family problems and boys. Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning were really excellent!

A Birder's Guide to Everything (2013) Poster

A Birder’s Guide to Everything (Directed by Rob Meyer, 86 minutes)

In a snippet: A unique coming of age story with a lot of depth and quirkiness. One of the best movies I have watched in a long time.

Kite (2014) Poster

Kite (Directed by Ralph Ziman, 90 minutes)

In a snippet: India Eisley beats the serious crap out of a lot of people. But the story-telling of this action movie is really unique.

Those are just a few of the movies I discovered in January. Have you discovered a movie that got overlooked? Tell me about it! I am always on the hunt for more!

Love and Cinnamon Crunch Bagels,


One thought on “What I’m Watching (6): New Indie Watches

  1. Adriana Garcia says:

    I want to watch Very Good Girls because the actresses are so good.
    I’m more of a Netflix girl. I haven’t watched many movies this last month. I do want to watch The Road to El Dorado and How to Train Your Dragon 2 this month. I know. Not very sophisticated 😛

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